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Fire Ants in Aiken SC

Fire Ant Control

Problems with fire ants?

Red imported fire ants are a territorial bunch. They have a tendency to attack at the slightest provocation. Unfortunately when you cross paths with fire ants, it’s usually you who gets stung. Fire ant stings can be painful and leave behind red welts. They can also be dangerous. Some people are allergic to a fire ant sting and may require medical attention to deal with the toxin. Fire ant can get in the way of families enjoying time outside. They can also spoil special outdoor events.

Get those fire ants under control

Wouldn’t it be nice to live 365 days without fire ants? With specialized treatments from Aiken Pest Control, you can control fire ants on your property. 

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Are you ready to take your yard back from fire ants? Do you have an upcoming event that would benefit from fire ant control? Contact Aiken Pest Control for fire ant control.

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