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AIken Pest Celebrates Employees "Years Of Service"


Aiken Pest Control congratulates all their employees who have reached 5 to 25 "Years of Service" anniversary awards.  It is because of your hard work and dedication to our customers that Aiken Pest Control is recognized as the area's leading pest control company. These employees will be honored at our annual Awards Dinner on December 16.  Congratulations and THANK YOU!

Aiken Pest Control Honors Employees for Years of Service

Pictured right to left are: Jackie Allen - 25 years; Robert Till - 20 years; Erika Key, Rocky Boerstler, Jason Tindal (not pictured) - 15 years; Blane Tindal, Leroy Meckley (not pictured) - 10 years; and David Padgett, Wil Asbill, Rustin Maddox, Robbie Rutland - 5 years.

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