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General Info

Cockroaches are resilient pests.  So resilient in fact, they can live up to a week without their head.  They only die because they don't have a mouth and are not able to drink water.

Known Issues

Contaminates Food

Difficult to Eradicate

Hazard to Health

Spreads Illness

Structure Invading

roach infestation in an aiken home


The most common household cockroach is the German cockroach. Other types of roaches are the American cockroach and the Oriental cockroach. The german cockroach can fit through very small openings to get into our homes and since they can breed up to 6 generations in one year, a major roach infestation is possible if they are not taken care of by a professional.

What do cockroaches look like?

German cockroaches are generally light brown to dark tan in color. They have two dark stripes that are almost parallel on their backs behind their heads. Many people identify cockroaches when they turn on the light in the kitchen or bathroom and find them quickly scurry away.

Cockroach habits and behaviors

German cockroaches will eat just about anything. They have been known to eat odd things like soap, glue and even toothpaste. They can gain entrance to a building or home through cracks and other openings. They may also hitch a ride on cardboard boxes, grocery bags or used appliances. They prefer warm humid environments to live and thrive. German cockroaches will also want to live close to a food and a water source. In homes, you will most likely find them in the kitchen and bathrooms.

Are cockroaches dangerous?

Cockroaches can spread several kinds of bacteria, parasitic worms and at least 7 other pathogens that affect humans. Some humans also have mild to severe allergic reactions to German cockroaches. This allergic reaction can be an issue especially to children with asthma. With all of this in mind, controlling this pest is very important.

Does Aiken treat cockroaches?

Yes, we do treat for cockroaches. Please call us for more information on our home pest control services.