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General Info

Honeybees are great pollinators but when they infest homes or threaten the health and safety of people, they become a dangerous pest.  Find out more about these stinging insects!

Known Issues

Bites or Stings

Hazard to Health




Honeybees are an extremely beneficial insect. They are a social insect credited with more than 100 pollinated crops in the United States. While honeybees are great for your flowers and gardens, they do sting. However, they are not generally aggressive insects and do not usually sting unless provoked.

What do honeybees look like?

Honeybees are usually dark brown with yellow stripes. They have thick, oval bodies and they look hairy. They have antennae, wings and 6 legs.

Are honeybees dangerous?

Honeybees are not an aggressive stinging insect. Generally speaking, if you leave them alone, they will leave you alone. If they are provoked or think their nest may be in danger, they will go on the defense and sting. Unlike others of their nature, these stinging insects can only sting once. Their sting has the potential to cause an allergic reaction for people who have an allergy to stinging insects. If the stinger is not removed it can be quite painful.

Does Aiken remove honeybees?

We do! In fact, we suggest if you have a nest on your property you call us immediately to get it removed safely. We offer a free inspection with no obligation. We also offer quarterly pest control service visits to make sure those honeybees don’t set up their nest on your property again next spring. For more information regarding honeybee, bee control or help for other stinging insects, contact us today!