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General Info

Though their name suggests otherwise, millipedes don't actually have 1000 legs.  Instead they closely resemble centipedes and are often confused for each other. 

Known Issues

Nuisance Pest

Structure Invading

Curled up millipede


Millipedes are small worm like insects. They have many pairs of legs and are mostly nocturnal. These small insects feed on dead insects and decaying vegetation.

What do millipedes look like?

Millipedes resemble a small earth worm, but they have many pairs of legs. Often having anywhere from 30 to 90 pair! These scavengers are brownish in color and are approximately ¾” to 1” long.

Millipede habits and behaviors.

Millipedes can be found all over the world. Moisture is a necessity for their survival so you can find them anywhere there is high moisture. Some prime locations of millipede habitat are decaying vegetation, under trash piles, in garden mulch, etc. Millipedes can travel in large numbers and get inside buildings through imperfections in the buildings’ exterior.  When resting or being prodded, millipedes curl up in a ball.  

Are millipedes dangerous?

Millipedes produce a foul smelling fluid on the sides of their bodies. This fluid can be toxic to animals and pets and can even cause blisters on people. Millipedes are not a serious threat to humans but they are certainly not a welcomed house guest.

Does Aiken treat millipedes?

Yes, Aiken does treat for millipedes! Sign up for our home pest control program and we will visit quarterly to ensure your home is millipede free year round.