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General Info

The transmission of Lyme disease through a tick bite generally occurs in the first 36 hours.  Checking for ticks after spending time outdoors can help with early detection and allow for early treatment should the tick be infected with Lyme.  

Known Issues

Bites or Stings

Blood Sucking

Hazard to Health


tick found on a man in aiken sc


Ticks are eight-legged relatives of the spider. The blacklegged tick (also known as the deer tick) is also commonly associated with Lyme disease.

What do ticks look like?

There are several types of ticks in South Carolina including a group of wood ticks that are made up of deer ticks, lone star ticks, and American dog ticks. Brown dog ticks also cause problems for homeowners. Ticks are small eight-legged creatures, often not noticed until they take a blood meal and become engorged.

Tick habits and behaviors

  • Starting as nymphs, ticks have a blood meal at every stage of life. A blood meal is usually from wildlife, pets or humans.

  • Ticks cannot jump or fly. Instead they rest on the tips of grasses and shrubs and drop onto a host as it passes by. Tall grasses and wooded areas off the beaten path are common places to find ticks.

  • The brown dog tick prefers dogs and is often found where dogs are present.

Are ticks dangerous?

Ticks bite to take a blood meal. Unfortunately tick bites can spread Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever and other diseases. Lyme is treatable in the early stages so it’s important to know the symptoms associated with the disease. They include a bulls-eye rash at the site where a tick was attached, fever, headache, and muscle or joint pain. For more information on Lyme disease, please visit the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control or the CDC’s web page on Lyme disease.

Does Aiken treat for ticks?

For help with tick control in Aiken, South Carolina, elsewhere in the midlands and the Central Savannah River Area, contact Aiken Pest Control today. Our experienced pest professionals will evaluate your pest problem and recommend treatment to get rid of ticks that threaten your family and pets.