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Yellow Jackets

General Info

Removing a yellow jacket nest can be dangerous and is best left to a pest control professional.  Knowledge of the insect and the proper equipment ensures that the aggressive stinging insects are taken care of safely.  

Known Issues

Bites or Stings

Damages Structures

Hazard to Health

Nuisance Pest

Structure Invading

yellow jacket found in a south carolina home

Yellow Jackets

Yellow jackets are a type of wasp that is a common summer pest. They also become an increased threat in late summer and early fall when their populations peak.

What do yellow jackets look like?

There are several types of stinging insects in South Carolina; this often leads to confusion. Yellow jackets have yellow and black bands; they are often mistaken for honeybees.

Yellow jacket habits and behaviors

  • Yellow jackets construct nests in holes in the ground, hollow trees or on manmade structures including behind shutters under eaves and in attics and sheds.

  • Yellow jackets are attracted to sodas, and other foods and beverages rich in sugar. That’s why they often interrupt picnics and other outdoor events.

  • A yellow jacket colony may contain more than a thousand workers once the population peaks.

Are yellow jackets dangerous?

Yellow jackets are aggressive stinging insects and can sting many times. A yellow jacket sting can be quite painful. It can also lead to a severe allergic reaction for some individuals. If you are stung by a yellow jacket and are experiencing difficulty breathing, rapid pulse, swelling of the face, throat or mouth or any other symptoms, seek medical help right away. Nests inside homes can also cause structural damage.

Does Aiken offer yellow jacket control?

For help with yellow jacket control in Aiken, South Carolina, contact Aiken Pest Control today. We also service the midlands of South Carolina and the Central Savannah River Area . Our experienced pest professionals will evaluate your yellow jacket problem and recommend treatment to get rid of the stinging insects that threaten your family.