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Family in Aiken SC Protected From Pests

Residential Pest Control



When you call for your free, no obligation home inspection, we’ll determine potential entry points for pests as well as conditions that may be attracting them. Based on our findings we'll develop a pest control program specifically for your home. One that best suits your home and family’s needs.


There is no good time for pest problems. At Aiken Pest Control, we understand this. With quarterly pest control service visits, you don’t have to worry about insects and rodents taking over your home. We’ll stop by routinely to check for pests and treat accordingly.


Our trained pest control technicians are very thorough. In addition to inspecting and treating for pests, they will sweep away any spider webs, and remove insect nests on the exterior of the house. If a pest problem should arise between regularly scheduled visits –we’ll come right out to take care of it… at no additional cost to you.

Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Household pests are no match for Aiken’s Quarterly Service program. In fact, this convenient, environmentally friendly approach to pest control is so effective, we guarantee your satisfaction. If pests return, we return at no additional charge! Peace of mind comes when your home and family are under our protection.

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At Aiken Pest Control, we provide pest control service in Aiken, South Carolina and for the Central Savannah River Area.