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Aiken Homeowners' Guide To Millipede Control

Unfortunately, some properties end up with infestations of millipedes. To learn more about these many-legged critters, let’s talk about what attracts millipedes to your Aiken home, and what you can… Read More

Are Silverfish In Aiken Dangerous?


Imagine that you’re in the living room of your Aiken home, enjoying the evening or the weekend when you notice something small and silver squirming about on the floor. There’s no doubt about it:… Read More

7 Handy Cricket Prevention Tips For Aiken Property Owners

field cricket on picnic table

Nobody wants to let a cricket infestation ruin a good night’s sleep, but Aiken, SC property owners should know that a cricket infestation can do more damage than just that. Let’s identify these… Read More

What Every Aiken Property Owner Needs To Know About…

a paper wasp crawling on a wooden table

Because of their large stingers and menacing appearance, few pests are more disconcerting to see around your property than wasps. And they’re not just menacing-looking either; wasps can produce… Read More

What Aiken Property Owners Need To Know About Pharaoh Ants

a colony of pharaoh ants clustered on a patio

It is safe to say you don’t want ants infesting your home. They spread diseases, contaminate food, damage property, and be quite tricky to eliminate. However, one species is particularly hard to get… Read More

Aiken's Step-By-Step Fall Pest Prevention Guide

a rain gutter full of leaves

When temperatures start to drop, insects and other critters try to get into our homes. While it might seem like those dropping temperatures are to blame, there is actually a whole lot more to it than… Read More


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