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Why Aiken Residents Still Need To Worry About Pest Control…

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Where do pests go in the winter? This depends on the type of pest. Many pests, like mosquitoes, lay their eggs during the fall months and die off as the weather gets colder. Come spring, the preserved… Read More

Get True Termite Control For Your Springfield Home

a termite soldier up close

Identifying a termite infestation in the home begins with identifying termite alates, or swarmers, before they establish themselves. If swarmers become visible in or near the home, an infestation may… Read More

A Dry South Carolina Home Is A Happy Home

a house in south carolina

A home with moisture problems isn’t a welcoming or cozy home. A dry home that keeps moisture out and warmth in is much more comfortable. But what causes moisture problems? And what kind of impact… Read More

Where Do South Carolina Spiders Go During The Winter?

a brown recluse spider in a basement

The creepy truth is that some spiders don't go anywhere for the winter. They're in your home all year long. We have some spider species in South Carolina that can live exclusively indoors. The common… Read More

Gilbert's Year-Round Pest Control Is A Smart Idea For Your…

a nice house in gilbert sc

Each new season brings different temperatures, holidays, and adventures, so don’t be too surprised when your local pest scenery begins to change! The rains of spring and summer bring pesky ants and… Read More

Why Do I Still Have Fungus Gnats In My Pelion Home?

small fungus gnat on a little plant

Have you seen tiny insects flying around your Pelion, SC home, but are unsure if they are fruit flies, mosquitoes, or some other insect? The best way to tell what type of infestation you’re up… Read More


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