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Everything That Attracts Wasps To Aiken Yards

wasp flying in a back yard

Wasps can be some of the most dangerous pests around. Learn how to avoid nests in your yard and why it’s necessary to call the pros if they’ve already invaded. Read More

The Dangers Mosquitoes Bring To Aiken Yards

mosquito landing on blade of grass

Mosquitoes are responsible for spreading some nasty diseases. Learn why you should do everything you can to keep these parasites off your property. Read More

The Best Way To Protect Your Aiken Property From Termites

subterranean termites destroying wood

Termite damage is often hidden from view until it’s too late to prevent. Don’t get caught waiting too long -- learn how you can get started on proper termite protection today. Read More

Is It Safe To Touch Millipedes In South Carolina?

millipede crawling

Even if a pest isn’t exactly dangerous, there are still plenty of reasons why you shouldn't try to handle them on your own. Millipedes are a perfect example of this since they can expose you to the… Read More

Five Signs Your Aiken Home Has A Cockroach Problem

cockroach crawling on pipe in basement

Does your Aiken, SC home have a roach problem? Check out these five signs of a cockroach infestation, brought to you by Aiken Pest Control.  Read More

What Are These Little Red Bugs In My Aiken Home?

clover mite on wood

If you've been noticing tiny red bugs around your Aiken home, it's time to take action. Find out what they are, why you should be concerned, and what to do about it. Read More


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