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Signs Of Powderpost Beetles In Aiken, SC Homes

damage on wood from a powderpost beetle

When we think of insects that destroy wood, we consider termites, carpenter ants, and the occasional carpenter bee. But what we very rarely consider is the humble powderpost beetle, one of the most… Read More

How To Keep Mice Out Of Your Aiken Home

a house mouse eating zucchini in a kitchen

House mice are dependent on people because they often live in the walls of our houses. Their nests are made in the walls, attics, and even in clogged gutters. Read More

How To Tell If Your Aiken Property Has A Termite Problem

many termites crawling on damaged wood

Termites are common pests of our Aiken, SC homes and structures, but you may be unaware of the damage they can cause. They are silent wood-destroying pests. Read More

How Powderpost Beetle Infestations Start On Aiken Properties

a powderpost beetle on a plant leaf

Powderpost beetles can cause a lot of confusion for Aiken property owners. They are a close second to termites in their ability to destroy wood. Read More

What To Do About Carpenter Ants On Your Aiken Property

Carpenter ants aren't the average ant you find outside your Aiken, South Carolina home. Seeing carpenter ants around your home doesn't necessarily mean there is already an infestation. However, it is… Read More

Protecting Your Pets From Fleas And Ticks This Fall

a cat sitting on grass and scratching from fleas

Fleas and ticks are a huge problem here in South Carolina. Our comparatively warm winters and humid, wet climate make it easy for these parasites to multiply and establish themselves in new areas… Read More


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