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Why Do I Still Have Fungus Gnats In My Pelion Home?

small fungus gnat on a little plant

Have you seen tiny insects flying around your Pelion, SC home, but are unsure if they are fruit flies, mosquitoes, or some other insect? The best way to tell what type of infestation you’re up… Read More

Keeping Bed Bugs From Ruining Your Aiken Holidays

an open suitcase on a hotel room floor

You’re counting on visiting with many beloved friends and family this holiday season, but what you might not expect is a surprise attack from these blood-sucking menaces. Read More

Wagener's Complete Guide To The House Mouse

a little house mouse laying on a wood floor

It isn’t difficult to identify a rodent infestation, especially during the cold winter months. A lack of food and water will force them to begin looking for alternative housing, which may involve… Read More

APC Annual "Years Of Service" Awards

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Aiken Pest Control congratulates 10 of their valued team members on their “Years of Service” Anniversary Awards at the company’s annual Awards Dinner on December 6. Read More

Let Aiken Help Keep Your Aiken Business Pest-Free

a pest free commercial business

Pests can cause expensive property damage and can destroy materials and products. They can be dangerous for employees and customers, and can cause negative reactions that can affect your business for… Read More

Minimizing Tick Exposure In Aiken

a tick biting a person in aiken sc

Ticks might be some of the scariest pests out there. This is because of the diseases they carry, which are harmful to humans and animals alike. You may not even feel a tick bite at first, but the… Read More


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