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How Can Moisture Control Help With Pests?

technician checking for moisture problems

"What would you do if you were lost in a desert and saw signs of water in the distance? You would head toward the water, right? Humans cannot live without water for very long, and the same is true for other creatures, including many bugs. If you are seeing lots of insects around your house and/or worse, inside your home, they may be there because that's where the water is. If you can dry up the…"

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Do I Really Need Moisture Control?

technician doing inspection in crawlspace

"An adult human is made up of around 60% water. We have water in our brains. We have water in our skin. We have water in our kidneys. And, according to the H.H. Mitchell, Journal of Biological Chemistry, even our lungs are made up of water--83% water, to be exact. Obviously, that water is in the tissue, and not actually inside our lungs. The point we're trying to make is that water is essential to…"

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