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Common Mistakes South Carolina Homeowners Make to Attract Spiders

a large long legged house spider crawling along the kitchen floor of a carolia home

"When you live in South Carolina, you get used to dealing with pests year round. Even the ones that can’t handle the cold often end up moving into your home in the winter, making them an even bigger pest than they are in the summer. Spiders are one of the pests that you have to deal with no matter what time of year it is, but there are certain common mistakes that South Carolina homeowners make…"

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Don't Let Stinging Insects Ruin Your Family Fun

yellow jackets up close

"Spring is here! It’s so much fun to get outside and enjoy the wonderful spring season. Whether you enjoy throwing the football around with your family, sharing backyard BBQ’s with friends, or reading a novel on the porch, we can all agree that spending time outside in spring is fun! But what could possibly ruin all of these activities? A stinging insect. All it takes is one little sting to…"

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