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Get True Termite Control For Your Springfield Home

a termite infesttaion along a wooden structre inside of a springfield massachusettes home

"Silently feasting on the most vulnerable parts of a home, these six-legged insects are some of the most nefarious in all of South Carolina. Termites resemble ants in many ways, sporting a similar sized head, thorax, and abdomen. Yellow, red, black, and tan colored species measure between a fourth to a half-inch long in length. A pair of strong mandibles can be visibly seen on each variety, from…"

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Where Do South Carolina Spiders Go During The Winter?

a house spidr crawling along an aiken south carolina kitchen floor

"The creepy truth is that some spiders don't go anywhere for the winter. They're in your home all year long. We have some spider species in South Carolina that can live exclusively indoors. The common house spider (also called the American house spider) is one of them. This spider species is the one that creates those wispy webs in the upper corners of the rooms in your home."

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