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Northern VS. Southern: Which Widow Is Worse?

a scary black widow spider

Did you know there are many varieties of the “widow” spider? The black widow, the brown widow, northern, southern, and western widows. If you're like most people, then you're familiar with the… Read More

What Good Is A Cockroach Anyway?

american cockroaches in a bowl of rice

It is said that every living thing exists for a reason. It can be hard to imagine that the cockroach can be anything more than a disgusting, annoying, and harmful pest when, in reality, the cockroach… Read More

Is There Anything I Can Do To Minimize Carpenter Ant…

many carpenter ants in house

Today we are talking about carpenter ants. Incidentally, there are many things about termites and carpenter ants that are similar, so all of the tips and tricks we offer here to keep destructive… Read More

Common Nuisance Pests To Watch Out For This Summer

an earwig in a bowl of grapes

There are many nuisance pests that are prominent in the summer, such as box elder bugs, earwigs, crickets, ladybugs, millipedes, silverfish, and springtails. No matter the pest or size of the… Read More

Why Summer Can Mean The Return Of Fungus Gnats To South…

a fungus gnat near a rock in some mulch

Fungus gnats are a common nuisance pest that many South Carolina residents deal with each year, but when you have a team of pest control professionals by your side, that doesn’t need to be the case. Read More

How To Keep Small Red Clover Mites Out Over The Summer

a tiny clover mite on a brown leaf

Insect pests are capable of dampening the fun of summer activities, however, one pest that seems to stump homeowners are clover mites.  While many people refer to clover mites as “tiny red bugs”… Read More


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