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What Are House Centipedes And How Did They Get Into My…

a house centipede on a rock near house

When you wake up in the night to grab a glass of water, nothing is more frightening than spotting a long, snake-like creature dart across your floor. At closer inspection, you may notice that this is… Read More

Factors That Attract Springtails To South Carolina…

a springtail crawling on a fence

In South Carolina, there are some that everyone knows and some pests that are lesser-known like springtails. Below we’ll learn about springtails and the factors that attract them... Read More

Why South Carolina Homeowners Should Consider Moisture…

One area of household upkeep that most South Carolina residents probably don’t give a lot of thought to is moisture control. However, because of where we live, it’s something every homeowner… Read More

What To Do If Rodents Invade Your Home

a house mouse eating food

The rodents portrayed on T.V. and in movies seem so cute and cuddly, and when they are portrayed as poor, little creatures that don’t have enough food to last the winter, most of us feel sorry for… Read More

Problems Fungus Gnats Cause In South Carolina Homes

fungus gnat on a flower

Fungus gnats spend the majority of their lives in the larval and pupal stages. During their larval stage, they appear translucent and worm-like, with a black marking on their head. As larvae, they… Read More

What Happens To Fleas In The Winter?

a flea crawling in pet hair

Fleas are opportunistic pests. They choose an appropriate host and latch on for as long as they can. They breed quickly and can become a real problem for your pet and your home in a short period of… Read More


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