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Is It Too Late For A Professional Termite Inspection?

termite damaging wood

Summer has come to a close as we reach further into late fall. It’s commonly known that termites usually swarm in the beginning of summer, but as September and October pass by, you’d think that… Read More

Problems Clover Mites Cause And How They Get Inside

clover mite crawling inside a home

Living in the southeastern states, you’ve probably dealt with or seen clover mites. Our temperatures remain moderate throughout the year, allowing certain pests to stay in their preferred climate… Read More

Carpenter Ants: Still A Threat To South Carolina Homes

carpenter ant crawling on wood in a home

As soon as the weather warms up, carpenter ants start becoming active. In early spring or late summer, they take their first mating flights and begin the process of establishing new colonies. You… Read More

Keeping Your Home Bed Bug-Free In Fall

a bed bug biting skin

Bed bugs thrive here in the fall due to the ideal climate and weather conditions in the South Carolina area. The weather is still warm and relatively conducive for people to continue to travel… Read More

Early Preparation Steps For Fall Rodent Prevention

a mouse crawling inside house

You may have made it through the summer with minimal rodent problems, but as summer draws to a close, the rodent activity inside your home may pick up. Rodents will be looking for a steady food supply… Read More

How Are Ticks Getting In?

black legged tick on skin

Ticks live and thrive in hot, humid climates like the climate typical to South Carolina during the summertime. The hot summers provide a humid subtropical climate and the winters are mild enough for… Read More


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