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Irmo SC Pest Control | Exterminators In Irmo SC

…232-7899 Get Started Average rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars from 849 reviews. 4.9 Read Google… …introduced into homes in pieces of lumber or other products that are made out of wood; the larvae cause most of the damages to the… …{options = options || {};if (typeof options.action === "undefined") {options.action = 'form'};if (typeof options.setField…
October 12, 2021

Flea Identification | FAQS About Fleas

…Get Started Average rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars from 849 reviews. 4.9 Read Google Reviews… …management becomes part of caring for your pet. Flea treatments should be purchased from your veterinarian to ensure… …options || {};if (typeof options.action === "undefined") {options.action = 'form'};if (typeof options.setField ===…
November 1, 2021

House Mouse Identification, Control & Prevention

…Get Started Average rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars from 498 reviews. 4.9 Read Google Reviews… …facts Partially depend on humans for their survival Contaminate food sources with feces and urine Damage… …options || {};if (typeof options.action === "undefined") {options.action = 'form'};if (typeof options.setField ===…
March 1, 2021

Five Things Every Homeowner Should Know About Cockroaches

…Email Address Get Started (803) 232-7899 Get Started There are some pretty… …can find out that cockroaches can resist high levels of radiation and that they are likely to be one of the few… …extremely difficult because they can hold their breath for over a half an hour, or that a roach can survive for around…
September 28, 2020

How Dangerous Are Cockroaches In Aiken?

…not be surprised to see Palmetto bugs. This is one of the reasons why they can be dangerous. How dangerous can they be?… …does this happen? Cockroaches can develop a tolerance for chemicals to which they have been exposed. Nymphs shed… …options) {options = options || {};if (typeof options.action === "undefined") {options.action = 'form'};if (typeof…
August 4, 2021

How Dangerous Are Brown Recluse Spiders In Aiken?

…recluse spider bite can be dangerous. The venom of a brown recluse can have necrotic properties. If necrosis spreads… …monitoring devices, and other industry-leading methods and products, we can get complete control of your spider problem. Connect with us… …options) {options = options || {};if (typeof options.action === "undefined") {options.action = 'form'};if (typeof…
May 11, 2021

How To Identify Ticks | FAQS About Ticks

…Get Started Average rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars from 849 reviews. 4.9 Read Google Reviews… …Brown dog ticks also cause problems for homeowners. Ticks are small eight-legged creatures, often not noticed… …options || {};if (typeof options.action === "undefined") {options.action = 'form'};if (typeof options.setField ===…
October 12, 2021

Why Fleas Are Best Left To The Professionals

…vehicles for fleas, they aren’t the only animals capable of bringing those parasitic pests inside. Any furry animal… …flea infestation is discovered, most people take quick action to get rid of those fleas. But the problem is that most people don't take the right action. There are many products and concoctions that work to kill fleas, but killing the…
September 28, 2020

Four Easy Yet Effective Ant Prevention Tips For Aiken Property Owners

…seem mysterious, especially when you find hundreds of them crawling around inside or around your home and attempt to… …eliminate them with over-the-counter ant control products. It is amazing how often we hear stories from property owners about… …options) {options = options || {};if (typeof options.action === "undefined") {options.action = 'form'};if (typeof…
December 2, 2020

How Dangerous Is It To Have Fleas In My Aiken Home?

…Fleas Fleas are relatively small - between 1/12 and 1/6 of an inch - but they are still visible to the naked eye. They have… …bubonic plague. While rats have long been blamed for causing the Black Plague in the Middle Ages, it is actually… …options) {options = options || {};if (typeof options.action === "undefined") {options.action = 'form'};if (typeof…
November 1, 2021

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