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Why Professional Bed Bug Control Is More Cost-Effective For Your Aiken Home

…into the tight spaces where bed bugs hide. If you buy a few cans or bottles of spray before you realize you're not… …have to raise the temperature of the structure to between 120F and 135F. This is not going to happen with space heaters… …Hotel And Resort Manager In Aiken Ought To Know… May 19, 2020 How To Be Sure It Is Bed Bugs…
September 28, 2020

All The Ways Bed Bugs Find Their Way Into Your Aiken Home

…to the library. When you go to a retail store. When you buy a second-hand item. Bed bugs have been found in all of these… …Hotel And Resort Manager In Aiken Ought To Know… May 19, 2020 How To Be Sure It Is Bed Bugs Bugging Your South Carolina… March 11, 2020 Why Do Aiken Healthcare…
September 28, 2020

What To Do If You Are Bitten By A Tick In Aiken

Try To Remove Ticks Before They Bite The first thing you should do is to react immediately. Your best chance at protecting yourself from ticks is searching your body for them after spending time in the woods. Examine yourself, and if possible, have…
March 26, 2021

How To Identify Norway Rats | FAQS About Norway Rats

…rats look like? Norway rats are usually 7” to 12” long. Their scale-covered tail is usually the same length as their… …Have In Your Aiken Home; Rats Or Mice? March 25, 2020 A Step-By-Step Guide To Rodent-Proofing Your Aiken Home February 28, 2020 Factors That Could Put Your South…
October 1, 2020

Aiken Resident's Quick Reference Guide To Tick Prevention

…hours to be transmitted from a tick. Lyme disease can take 12 to 24 hours. Tick Prevention For Pets Collars are your… …Know About South Carolina Ticks… August 14, 2020 How Much Do You Really Know About Ticks In Aiken? June 30, 2020 Minimizing Tick Exposure In Aiken…
September 28, 2020

The Secret To Effective Pharaoh Ant Control In South Carolina

…many hundreds of worker ants in her short lifespan of 12 months. All pharaoh ants have super-powered odor…
June 11, 2021

Pest Identification | Find The Pest That's Bugging You

…come back a week later to check on the issue without having to call him. His commitment to his job is very nice and… …To Aiken Spiders In The Winter? December 18, 2020 What Every Aiken Property Owner Needs To Know About House… December 11, 2020 What Not To Do If You Spot Signs Of…
December 22, 2020

What Homeowners Need To Know About Clover Mites

…  Just wanted to say that David, 145, is an excellent tech. He's been servicing our business for a… …Keep Small Red Clover Mites Out Over The Summer June 19, 2019 Where Are All These Tiny Red Clover Mites Coming From? December 12, 2018 Problems Clover Mites Cause And…
September 28, 2020

Dangers Of Too Much Moisture In Your South Carolina Home

…homeowners. Our service professionals can: Install a 12 Mil Reinforced fiberglass plastic to seal moisture out and… …Solving Moisture Issues In Your Aiken Home April 21, 2020 A Dry South Carolina Home Is A Happy Home January 17, 2020 Why South Carolina Homeowners…
September 28, 2020

Commercial Pest Control | Serving Aiken, Columbia & The CSRA

…deserve a safe place to heal. Likewise, doctors, nurses and other staff should be focused on helping patients and not bed bugs… …speak on behalf of Quality Inn, Aiken, Hwy 1, when I say we are extremely satisfied with Aiken Pest control, and… …have the pleasure of seeing David (#145), each month. He takes his time to always ask of any concerns we may have, and…
October 26, 2020

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