There are many types of bugs that live in your yard and find their way into your home through your foundation and exterior walls, the insect we call the bed bug isn't one of them. Bed bugs don't live in your yard. Therefore, many of the methods that keep bugs away are going to fall short when it comes to keeping bed bugs out of your Aiken home. Perhaps the most noteworthy is the use of sanitation to prevent bug infestations. Sanitation is a key pillar of pest maintenance, but it doesn't do anything to stop bed bugs. You may have heard that bed bugs only live in dirty homes, but this is not the case. If your home is spotless, bed bugs won't care. They don't feed on rotting organic matter, mold, or bacteria; they feed on blood. The only thing a dirty home will do is help to mask any bed bug activity in the evening and allow them to move around your home and bite you before you even go to bed. Okay. So, what does help to prevent bed bugs? Here is a quick guide that will help you keep bed bugs out.

bed bug bites on back
bed bug bites on feet

When You Spend The Night Somewhere

Bed bugs are usually picked up at hotspots, such as hotels, motels, and resorts. They can also be picked up when you stay the night with family or friends. Your family and friends can have a bed bug infestation for months and not realize it. When you spend the night anywhere away from home, these tips can help you prevent bed bugs from coming home with you.

Do an inspection — Keep your luggage and bags in the car while you do an inspection of your room. Look for black stains, streaks, or spots. Look for brown stains on pillowcases, bedspreads, or sheets. Look for shed skins, white eggs, and bed bugs in the places they hide. Where do they hide? 

Where to look — Check tight spaces, compressed areas, and creases during your inspection. It is helpful to run a debit card along the seams of the mattress you'll be sleeping on. This can dislodge evidence and bring it to the surface. 

Protect your bags — If you have to bring your luggage into a hotel room, store them on the floor in the bathroom while you do your inspection. You may also keep bed bugs out of your luggage by applying a spray composed of water and lavender oil. Bed bugs don't like this smell.

When you return home — Run all of your clothing through a hot wash and a hot dryer cycle. This will kill bed bugs in all stages of development. You can also put duffel bags and backpacks through a 30-minute dryer cycle if you are concerned that you may have picked bed bugs up.

When You Go To Work Or School

You can get bed bugs from a coworker or fellow student. If you have kids, they can pick bed bugs up. Everyone in your home should be vigilant to watch for the warning signs of bed bugs and take simple steps to keep bed bugs out of the home.

  • Refrain from setting bags down next to the bags of others.

  • Don't store clothing in a locker with someone else's clothing.

  • Look for black streaks or brown stains on furniture.

  • Be aware that bed bugs give off a scent that smells like a locker room towel.

  • If you go into a dark room, it is possible for bed bugs to come out of hiding and get into your clothing. They can also bite you in a dark place during the day, such as a dark room in your office space or in a movie theater.

When You Have Company

If you have an extended family member or a friend come to spend the night, it is difficult to prevent them from bringing bed bugs with them, nor would you want to imply that they may have bed bugs. Here are a few tips to help you prevent an infestation.

  • During your guest's stay, be aware of bites on their skin that look like they follow a path across the skin.

  • Launder all of the pillowcases, sheets, and bedding after the visit.

  • Do a detailed inspection of all the tight spaces in the mattress, box spring, and bed they slept on.

  • Do two more inspections of the room after your initial inspection.

When You Purchase Used Furniture

Bed bugs can hide in many furniture items, not just beds. If you purchase a used piece of furniture, it is possible to purchase a bed bug infestation along with it. Use the inspection tips given above to prevent this from happening.

Bed Bugs In Aiken

If you ever find that bed bugs have infested your home, remember that the team here at Aiken Pest Control is available to help you get rid of those bugs. Connect with us today for immediate assistance.


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