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Serving Aiken, The CSRA & Midlands


  • General Pest Control Questions

    • Why do pests want to make my home their home too?

      Common household pests, such as ants and cockroaches, along with rodents need the same things humans need to survive. That is, they need food, water, and a place to live. Unfortunately, your house provides them the same essentials that you need. If you can eliminate their access to any of those essential elements, it will help in controlling the pest.

      Indoor pest prevention tips

      • Outside doors must be well sealed. If light can be seen around or under a door, then insects can enter your home.
      • Keep AC filters clean & thermostats properly adjusted so that mold and mildew build-up does not attract tiny insects.
      • Empty trashcans regularly and clean up crumbs and spills that would attract bugs and rodents.

      Outdoor pest prevention tips

      • Repair torn screens anywhere on your property to prevent insect entry.
      • Seal around soffits and gable vents to ensure rodents and insects can't gain access to your attic.
    • How can you control pests inside my home if you only service the outside?

      Most pests live, eat, and reproduce in the environment outside your home. In their quest for survival, your home provides pests with the same essentials that you need.

      If pests are inside your home, we will service the cracks, crevices, and void areas inside of your home, until the problem is completely eliminated. After the interior problem is eliminated, our service focuses on the outside of your home to prevent pests from getting inside your home in the first place.

    • Why should I hire a professional pest prevention service?

      While "do it yourself" pest control is certainly an option for homeowners, most lack the knowledge that professionals have to treat pest problems effectively. Professional pest managers are educated, trained, and certified to handle the specific urban pest issues that you will encounter in and around your homes or offices. They are also trained in the safe handling and proper application of materials used to control pests. The following are some general guidelines for choosing a pest management company:

      • Look for a reputable company with knowledgeable and professional representatives.
      • Ask friends and associates to recommend companies they use or have used.
      • Look for memberships in industry associations such as the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) that provide ethical guidelines and technical information.
      • Be certain the company is licensed by your state’s regulatory agency.
      • Contact Aiken Pest Control for more information on pest control services or to arrange for an inspection.
    • Does Aiken Pest Control ever need to come inside?
      Aiken's pest control methods are designed to protect your home and family from the outside. However, for initial visits or if you are seeing pests inside, your technician will want to enter your home. Our goal is long-term pest prevention, and most pests can be controlled from the exterior treatments to your home, but should you ever experience an unwanted guest inside, just reach out to us so we can take care of it at no extra charge.