What would you say is the smartest bird in the world? No, it isn't the pigeon. You might think that since the title of this article is about pigeons. According to scientists and researchers, parrots are considered to be the smartest of all birds. But pigeons are pretty smart too. Some pigeons are so smart, they're able to pass the mirror test. This test of intelligence determines that pigeons can be self-aware. But the results are subject to debate. There are some researchers who believe it is too difficult to say for certain that pigeons respond to this test in a way that is conclusive. We're not here to settle this debate, or even to argue it; we bring up this point to bring to the foreground the most important fact you need to know about pigeons. If you're hoping to prevent pigeons from causing issues for you, it is important that you don't underestimate them. They're smart birds—well, most of them are. Here is a quick guide to help you get effective control of pigeons.

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What Doesn't Work To Stop Smart Birds

It is important to know what doesn't work, so you can avoid the pitfalls of applying ineffective measures. It also gives insight into why what works actually works. There are suggestions for getting control of birds that can work for some birds, but don't work to repel pigeons. The best example of this are methods that are used to scare the birds away. If you place rubber snakes down in your yard, you'll be disappointed to see the pigeons pay no attention to those snakes. The same is true of putting a fake owl on your roof. While a pigeon would certainly be afraid of a real owl, it is smart enough to know a fake from the real thing.

What Works A Little To Stop Smart Birds

You are probably aware that traps are an effective way to get rid of birds and other wildlife pests. But these traps can be difficult to implement because pigeons learn how to avoid being trapped. 

  • Let's say you put a trap on your roof and you place a desirable food source in there. If there is one dumb pigeon in the group, you may catch it. As soon as you do, the other pigeons are going to realize that the food inside your trap is not safe to eat, and they won't fall for your tricks.

  • If you try to outsmart the birds, and leave traps on your roof with a food source inside and let the pigeons go in and out freely for a short time, you could catch more pigeons when you set the traps to start working to capture them. But providing a food source will attract more pigeons to your roof and actually make your problem worse. Sure, you'll capture more pigeons, but you'll ultimately have more pigeon problems.

Natural Pigeon Prevention

If pigeons are targeting your property, there is a reason. It is likely that they have found food, water, or harborage options. Here are a few recommendations for removing these attractants:

  • If you have bird feeders, remove them or put the seed in feeders that pigeons can't access.

  • Remove open trash. Pigeons peck at trash and eat many things found in garbage.

  • Address any conditions that allow water to sit on the ground after it rains, and remove containers that capture rainwater.

  • Cover voids, such as the space underneath solar panels. The goal is to remove harborage options that are attracting the pigeons.

  • Install anti-roost products, such as bird spikes and slopes. This will make it more difficult for pigeons to make a home on your roof or roofline.

Pigeon Control

If you want to directly address pigeons and reduce their population to zero, you can't go after them with one approach. You need to apply several methods to get rid of them. You may be able to tackle this yourself, but it requires a lot of hard work, and you'll have to spend money on devices that are known to be effective at repelling and capturing pigeons. These must be deployed in a multi-pronged approach to outsmart the pigeons. Without training and experience, you can waste a lot of time, energy, and money. If you live in Aiken, or the surrounding area, it is better to have the wildlife control professionals here at Aiken Pest Control establish a treatment plan that will ensure success. Our team is highly-trained in bird and wildlife management. We can get the results you're looking for. And, we'll do all of that hard work, so you don't have to. Reach out to Aiken Pest Control today and tell us about your pigeon problem. We're here to help.


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