Is it okay to find a black widow spider on your property? If you're like, "Nope!" we understand. Even if you've lived in Aiken your whole life, and you know that black widows aren't nearly as dangerous as their reputation would have you believe, it can still make you uneasy having them around. Well, we've put together a quick guide so that you don't have to have black widow spiders around. Here's what you need to know.

black widow spider on a tree
black widow spider on a web

Habitat Modification

One of the best ways to deter black widow spiders is to remove potential areas of habitation. There are many places these spiders will establish themselves. Their favorite place to live is in moist areas with vegetation. Black widow spiders feed on bugs; and damp, shaded areas are where bugs like to live. They also get under or inside the objects in your backyard because bugs do this as well. If you have an old clay flower pot on its side in the backyard, you shouldn't be surprised to find a tangled mess of stiff webbing inside. You should also not be surprised to see a black widow when you flip a rock or board over in your yard. This being said, you can resist black widow spiders by removing habitat options. A clutter-free yard is resistant to black widow spiders. Remove organic clutter, such as camp wood piles, brush piles and piles of leaves.

Address Moisture

Since black widow spiders eat moisture pests, it stands to reason that addressing conditions that cause moisture will work to reduce the chances that you'll have trouble with these spiders.

  • Inspect your gutters. Make repairs to damaged downspouts, splash blocks, and gutter runs. Clear gutters of sticks, leaves, and other organic debris. Consider putting gutter guards on your gutters. One of the many benefits of gutter guards is that you won't have to get up there and clean your gutters all the time.

  • Water your landscaping plants in the early morning.

  • Trim dense vegetation.

  • Loosen compacted ground.

Address Or Alter Exterior Lighting

Black widow spiders feed on many insects that can be found around your home. One of the best ways to deter insects is to stop attracting them with light. If you turn lights off at night, you'll have fewer issues with insects and the black widow spiders that come into your yard to eat those insects.

If keeping lights off at night is a security concern, consider replacing white light with yellow light, which is far less attractive to insects. This is a great option for doorways and the area in front of your garage.

Pest Control

In light of the fact that black widows can be drawn into your yard by moisture pests and insects, one of the best ways to deter black widows is by investing in bug and insect control around your perimeter. We don't recommend doing this on your own as it can result in chemical poisoning when the incorrect products are selected and administered in a hazardous way.

Seal Entry Points

While black widow spiders don't prefer to live in your home, they can get inside by accident and inhabit secluded spaces. You can prevent this by doing a detailed inspection of your exterior and by sealing any openings you find. Pay close attention to low areas. Widow spiders are most likely to get in through basement or first story walls. 

  • They'll exploit damaged or missing door sweeps.

  • They'll squeeze past doors that have old weatherstripping.

  • They'll crawl through small gaps around your water main or power cables.

  • They'll get in through damaged screens and broken window panes.

  • They'll enter through wood that has been damaged by moisture and further damaged by carpenter ants and other wood-destroying organisms.

The tools for addressing gaps, cracks, and openings are caulking, a fine wire mesh, expanding foam, weep hole protectors, door sweeps, new weatherstripping, and a foundation repair kit.

When Professional Spider Control Is Needed

While you can have lots of black widow spiders in your yard and never get bitten, it is nice to not have them around. If you're seeing these spiders and they're making you feel uneasy, we have the remedy. The service team here at Aiken Pest Control can provide your property with treatments and pest maintenance to deter, repel, and eliminate black widow spiders. We would love to discuss your options with you.

If you've been thinking about pest control. Now is a great time to get started. Black widow spiders are far from the only pests that can present a medical threat to you and your family. Plus, there are many other pests in our Aiken service area that are destructive to homes and the belongings inside homes. Our year-round pest control service provides homes with the protection they need to mitigate the threats that pests present. Reach out to us today by hopping over to our contact page. We look forward to hearing from you. We can help!


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