If you go out into your yard and look hard enough, you're going to find a spider. Sometimes, you don't have to look hard at all. You can find a scary black and yellow spider sitting in a web inside a bush. You can find a tiny spider tending a web in the void between an exterior window. You may find a hairy tan spider with two dark lines running down its body sitting in a damp bucket. You can also find spiders inside your home. If you have a cellar or basement, you could find lots of long-legged spiders creeping about down there. We have a wide selection of spiders in Aiken, and they love living in our landscaping. Some even love living inside our homes. If you'd prefer to have fewer spiders around, we have some tips that can help you. Here is a quick, step-by-step guide to spider control in Aiken, South Carolina.

spider crawling on floor
house spider in glass

1. Web Removal

Most spiders create webs to catch prey. While these webs are unsightly, some homeowners keep them around because webs catch insects such as mosquitoes. That's a good thing, right? Yes, and no. Sure, webs can catch mosquitoes, but it isn't such a good idea to let webs sit. Some spider species lay their egg sacs in their webs. These egg sacs can have as many as 300 eggs. If those eggs are allowed to hatch, you're going to have a lot more spiders around your home. While every egg isn't going to turn into a viable adult spider, many can survive. When they do, they can grow up to make even more spiders around and inside your home. It is best to remove spider webs when you see them and leave the mosquito control to human pest control professionals. We have a few of those on staff here at Aiken Pest Control. We'd be happy to help you with mosquito and spider control. But, until you're ready to make that jump, remove and destroy spider webs to reduce the population of spiders around your Aiken home.

2. Insect Control

If you want fewer spiders getting into your home, it is important to address why they come to your home in the first place. One thing spiders are drawn to is the presence of insects. While you can't eliminate all of the insects around your home, reducing them can reduce the spider population. Try these ideas:

  • Turn your exterior lights off last night, unless the lights are needed for security reasons. Light attracts flying and crawling insects.

  • Replace white lights with yellow lights. White is more attractive to insects.

  • Keep your shades and curtains closed at night. The light leaking out of your windows can attract insects.

  • Store bagged trash in covered containers. An open trash receptacle is an open invitation for flies to feed and breed.

  • Keep your trash receptacles clean, and have trash removed weekly. The scent of rotting food will draw flies from a distance.

  • Refrain from feeding your pets outside. Some insects can eat your pet's food.

3. Reduce Moisture And Remove Standing Water

Insects and invertebrates are drawn to a damp perimeter and the availability of standing water. Use these ideas to keep things as dry as possible:

  • Check your gutter system. If it is clogged or broken, water is going to run over the sides and down your walls. This will saturate your perimeter. Prevent that dampness by keeping your gutters clean and in good repair.

  • Remove vegetation in your landscaping. Dense vegetation captures moisture. By removing weeds and unnecessary plants, you allow the air to flow through your landscaping and keep it dry.

4. Remove Hiding Places

Spiders will be more drawn to your property if there are lots of hiding places. They can hide in toys, lawn clutter, woodpiles, brush piles, stacked stones, etc. Remove objects that don't need to be in your yard.

5. Seal Points Of Entry

If you give spiders a hole or gap, they'll take advantage of them. Inspect your exterior and seal all potential entry points. Pay particular attention to foundation penetrations such as pipes and wires.

Spider Control In Aiken

The steps given above can help you reduce spiders to a tolerable level. But if you want the best control possible, contact Aiken Pest Control. We provide year-round pest control options that help you get control of all the pests that concern you, including spiders. Connect with us today to learn more.


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