There are many creatures that get into our homes and have us scratching our heads as to how they got in. But bed bugs can have you scratching your head figuratively and literally. If you're wondering how you might get these creepy pests in your Aiken home, we have answers. Here are five ways you might get bed bugs, and why.

bed bug biting human skin
bed bug crawling near a bed

1. Your Kids

Families tend to have more issues with bed bugs. It is reported by professionals that one of the top three places bed bugs are found is in single-family homes. One reason for this is that kids help bed bugs spread.

Kids get bed bugs:

  • Swapping articles of clothing with other kids at school.
  • Putting their bags near the bags of other kids.
  • Laying down for naptime at a daycare.
  • When spending the night at a friend's house

We could give many more examples but you get the idea. Kids tend to get around a lot more than adults, and this increases their exposure to bed bugs which spread passively from one area to the next.

2. Your Mother, Father, Grandmother, Grandfather

It is unthinkable that your own parents or grandparents would bring bed bugs into your home, but it isn't their fault. You can have a bed bug infestation and not realize it for several months. And seniors have a higher risk of spreading bed bugs because they don't have as much of a reaction when bed bugs bite their skin.

3. Your friends

We certainly don't want to make you nervous about having friends come spend the night at your home. It is just important that you know a few ways your friends can accidentally expose you to bed bugs.

  • If a friend stays overnight somewhere on their way to your home for the holidays, they could bring bed bugs to your home.
  • If a friend has a bed bug infestation and they don't realize it, they can bring bed bugs over to your house, even during the day.
  • If your friend says, "Hey, do you want this nightstand. I don't use it anymore." Keep in mind that bed bugs don't just live in mattresses, box springs, and bed frames. They can be in any furniture that has a void or tight spaces in which to hide. They can also be in electronic devices.

4. Your Neighbors

When a neighbor comes over to chit chat or grab some sugar, they can bring bed bugs with them. Bed bugs hide in clothing, bags, pocketbooks, hardback books, and more. In a short visit, a bed bug can leave an item that was carried into your home and subsequently lay eggs in your home.

5. You

There are many ways you can bring these hitchhiking pests into your home yourself. Here are just a few of them.

You can get them:

  • When you stay overnight somewhere during a vacation
  • When you stay at the home of a friend or relative.
  • When you take a ride in a cab, bus, or airplane.
  • When you go to work.
  • When you go to a movie.
  • When you go to the library.
  • When you go to a retail store.
  • When you buy a second-hand item.

Bed bugs have been found in all of these places and more. These insects, or their eggs, are carried in. Once in these places, all they need is darkness, or close contact between carriable items, in order to spread.

The Problem Of Bed Bugs

Do you see how complex this problem is? Bed bugs can come into your home in many ways. There is no way to completely protect yourself. But there are a few tips that can help reduce the risk.

  • Be aware that dirty laundry attracts bed bugs. Keeping laundry in a sealed plastic bag can help you or your kids from picking up bed bugs when staying somewhere for the night.
  • Learn how to do a quick bed bugs inspection when staying somewhere for the night, and teach your kids to do this as well.
  • Learn to identify bed bugs and bed bug eggs. If you detect them quickly, you could prevent a nightmare.

Fast Help With A Bed Bug Infestation

If you live in Aiken or the surrounding region, remember that Aiken Pest Control employs licensed and expertly-trained technicians who know what is required to arrest pest infestations. When these bugs get in, we know how to get them out.


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