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Bed bug infestations pose a real challenge to homes and businesses alike. They can be difficult, okay impossible to get rid of without proper treatment.  And by proper treatment, we mean professional bed bug control.  To combat bed bug problems, Aiken Pest Control offers effective treatments in Aiken and the Midlands of South Carolina as well as the CSRA. 

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Yes, you can kill bed bugs with heat.  In fact, it’s far more effective than other treatment options because hot air has the ability to infiltrate spaces where other treatments cannot.  Specialized mobile heating units are set up within bed bug infested areas.  The units heat and maintain air temperatures between 120F to 135F – the range needed to kill all stages of bed bug development.  Heat treatments are:

Effective. They will eradicate adult bed bugs, nymphs, and bed bug eggs.

Safe. When undertaken by professionals, heat treatments are safe and an environmentally responsible solution.

Efficient.  This is the part we think you’ll really like. Bed bug heat treatments are very efficient at resolving bed bug problems.  In most cases, it takes only one day and requires only one treatment. 

Guaranteed.  Aiken’s bed bug control solutions come with a guarantee. Please ask us for details.


CONVENTIONAL Bed Bug Treatments

bed bug crawling on a human arm

Application of an EPA-registered product is the traditional method for bed bug extermination and is focused on baseboards, along the cracks, crevices, and voids in the walls.  Some furniture may also require treatment; this includes bedframes, nightstands, and dressers.  This method of treatment is guaranteed to eliminate bed bugs on contact.


Bed Bug Mattress And Box Spring ENCASEMENTS

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Mattress and box spring encasements are the best protection a bed has against bed bugs, especially in hotels and lodgings with high occupancy turnover.  Encasements are zipped shut to keep bed bugs out ensuring your mattress and box spring won’t have to be thrown away in the event of an infestation.



bed bug dog inspecting home

In addition to treating bed bug infestations, Aiken Pest Control can help you set up a bed bug dog inspection to confirm the presence of these biting insects.  Using their keen sense of smell, trained bed bug dogs have the ability detect infestations that are not visible to the eye, and without disruption to the room.  Contact us to learn more about bed bug dog inspections. 


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