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How Ant Problems Start In Aiken Homes

carpenter ant crawling on wooden table

It happens suddenly. Out of nowhere, an ant infestation appears in your home, right under your nose like that. it might seem like they appeared out of thin air. Despite appearances, those ants came from somewhere. Find out how ant problems start and how you should deal with them.

What Are The Ants In Aiken?

There are several types of ants in Aiken. Carpenter ants, fire ants, and pavement ants are among the most common property invaders. Although all of these local ants are a nuisance, fire ants are also a hazard, biting with painful, venom-injecting stings. Despite the small size of a fire ant, its venom is still potent enough to cause serious complications, complications made all the more dangerous by the fact that fire ants attack in numbers.

While fire ants inflict pain, carpenter ants inflict property damage, chewing through your home's wood to create tunnels. Although they don't do as much damage as termites, carpenter ants can cause structural damage and ruined furniture.

If any type of ant gets into your home, they may go for your pantry. Your sugar, cereal, and other foods aren't safe either. Once inside your home, ants won’t hesitate to contaminate your food.

How Do Ants Get Inside?

There are plenty of factors that can attract ants into your home, but how are they even getting inside in the first place? In most cases, ants get in through openings that you don't even notice. You might have a small crack or crevice in your foundation or a tiny gap around your window.

Other potential entrance points are gaps under your doorway and holes in your screens. Because all ants are small, they can fit through openings you can't see with your eyes, but carpenter ants have their unique means of entry, chewing through moist wood to work their way into your home. No matter how well you seal up cracks and crevices, you could still struggle to keep carpenter ants out.

Why Do They Come Inside?

Nature has a lot to offer ants, so why do these Aiken pests invade your home? While fire ants are content to stay outside, other types of ants can't resist the food and water available inside your home.

Ants can smell food, especially if it is not stored with care. If you have an open box of cereal, ants may smell it and decide to reside in your home. The same is true of any garbage cans that remain open or unsealed.

An abundance of moisture is also attractive to ants. Like most pests, ants need a water source, or they won't survive. If you have any leaks in your home, they could be one of the reasons you have an ant problem. Rooms with high humidity could also attract ants.

Tips For Ant Prevention

If you don't want to deal with the nuisance that comes from ants in your home, you should take the following protection measures:

  • Store Food & Trash Well - Keep your food and garbage in containers with lids. If you have any open food, make sure to store it with care.
  • Clean Regularly - Every night, sweep and vacuum your floors. Clean off your tables and counters as well, or you could have crumbs remaining.
  • Seal Openings - Close up any cracks or crevices with seaside or caulk. If you have broken screens, replace or fix them. 
  • Repair Leaks - Don't allow leaks to continue. Instead, hire a plumber to repair leaks.

Work With Us

Here at Aiken Pest Control, we can protect your home from ants. With experienced technicians and extensive resources, we can deter and eliminate ants from your home. Call us for professional pest control ASAP.