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Is It Too Late For A Professional Termite Inspection?

termite damaging wood

Summer has come to a close as we reach further into late fall. It’s commonly known that termites usually swarm at the beginning of summer, but as September and October pass by, you’d think that these pests would start dying out and becoming less of a threat. After all, winter is almost upon us—so why are termites still actively chewing and damaging homes?

While termites might start to die in northern states as the weather cools, the termites residing here in South Carolina have a different story. These termites don’t care what time, day, or season it is. They will remain active all year long. With an annual low of 52.3°F, South Carolina’s climate typically remains above the 25-degree temperatures that it takes to kill off a termite colony, meaning they’ll be free to chew, damage, and multiply in your home.

The average homeowner isn’t usually going to be constantly looking for signs of a termite infestation, and even if they did, termites often remain well-hidden enough to avoid untrained eyes. In many cases, termites go undetected for months or even years before you even have a clue that they are living in your walls. Most homeowners will only notice a termite infestation after extensive damage has occurred, which can cost them thousands of dollars in repairs. Some homes can have two or three termite colonies living within their walls before they are noticed and dealt with. To put that in perspective, simply one colony can contain up to 200,000 termites!

A professional pest control expert can catch the smallest details that signify that a home may have a termite infestation, with the knowledge and tools needed to perform an effective inspection. Aiken Pest Control provides a free inspection of your home to see what property damage has occurred. Things that typically go unnoticed by homeowners—such as cracks in the foundation of your home, discarded wings, slightly warped window frames, and small cracks in walls or ceilings—will never go unnoticed by us.

Professionals from Aiken would be happy to inspect your home, free of charge. During this inspection, we will check around the interior and exterior of your home for signs of termites, and then communicate with you about the treatment plan best suited for your specific termite situation. It’s never too late for a professional termite inspection, and it is far better to get one now than to wait until severe damage has taken place.

Don’t wait, contact Aiken Pest Control today to ask about our termite control services.