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Signs Of Powder Post Beetle Infestation


Powder post beetles are the unforeseen wood-damaging pests in South Carolina, that can turn wood into a fine powder. They may not be a danger to people directly, but they can do some major damage to a home. These beetles, in the larvae stage, can live in and eat wood for up to 4 years while developing. They prefer the seasoned hardwoods, like flooring, furniture, and wood used in the structure of a home.

You will recognize adult powder post beetles as reddish brown to black, with a slim body shape. Their larvae are creamy-colored in a curved C shape. Most likely you won’t ever see these insects even if you have an infestation. You will find sawdust piles near wood products, which can be tricky as an indicator of what type of infestation you have since that can be a sign of a variety of pests.

Most likely if you have a wood-damaging pest invading your home, you will want professionals to assess the problem and eradicate it for you, since wood-burrowing or wood-devouring pests can be very elusive. In South Carolina, the Midlands, and the Central Savannah Area, Aiken Pest Control can help. Usually, conventional treatments are all that it will take, but in more difficult situations, fumigation may be the appropriate solution. Wood that has been infested by powder post beetles will also need to be repaired or replaced.

To prevent powder post beetles, you will need to avoid unfinished wood in your home. Don’t buy old lumber or wood from poorly maintained lumber suppliers where beetles may be infesting. Place moisture barriers in spaces that attract powder post beetles, and make sure there is plenty of ventilation in crawl spaces to discourage these pests. Most importantly, you should contact a professional pest control company to get rid of the entire infestation and be sure that the powder post beetles do not come back.

You can count on Aiken Pest Control so to solve all of your pest problems. Our services are completely customizable to suit your home and family’s needs. We know that there is no good time for pest problems, so we will visit quarterly to be sure your home is pest-free. We offer a comprehensive service that is completed by our trained pest control technicians. Best of all your satisfaction is guaranteed, and we will return in between visits if any new pest activity occurs, at no extra cost to you!

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