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Termite Control In Aiken: Answers For Homeowners

termite crawling on the ground

Most residents of Aiken have very few complaints about living here. There is plenty of great weather throughout the year, friendly people, and natural beauty all around the city. However, one aspect of Aiken that is not as great is the abundance of invasive pests that cause problems for homeowners. One particularly dangerous pest that frequently causes problems on Aiken properties is termites. 

How Toxic Are The Chemicals Used In Termite Extermination? 

The chemicals used during termite extermination processes are extremely powerful, but when used in the right hands are completely safe. The potent industrial-grade chemicals that professional termite extermination services use are toxic and present serious health hazards if handled inappropriately. Certified pest technicians have the training and experience in handling these chemicals and other extermination equipment. Because of the chemicals' toxicity and the complexity of eliminating a termite infestation, you will always require professional termite pest control services to combat a termite infestation in your home. 

Why Is Termite Control Necessary? 

Termites are one of the most dangerous pests a homeowner can face. They can cause severe structural damage to your home if an infestation is left untreated. All termites feed on wood, with slight variations in behavior and preference, and all are dangerous for your property. Damp and dry wood termites will both inhabit and feed on damp wood and dry wood respectively. Subterranean termites, which are the most common type of termite in North America, live underground and construct mud tubes to reach any source of wood they can find that is low to the ground.

Termite control is extremely important for homeowners to take seriously. If termites infest your home, they will feed on and tear through any wood in the house. Termites will devour the wood in the foundation, door and window frames, and porches and decks. Unlike most other pests, termites stay almost completely out of sight; they live underground, or within the wood they consume and will not be seen scuttling around the floors of the house. Many will often not discover termite infestations until after the property sustains serious damage. 

If you have seen evidence of a termite problem on your property, reach out to the termite removal experts at Aikens Pest Control for information on how to protect your home from these dangerous pests. 

The Best Termite Treatment Methods Of 2022 

Due to the complexity of exterminating a colony and the serious threats that termites pose, a professional termite control service is the only long-term solution to ensure that you protect your home against these pests. However, there are termite prevention strategies that you can implement on your property that can make your home a less attractive target for termites.  

Effective ways to protect your home against termites include:  

  • Reducing moisture around your home, particularly around the foundation. 
  • Ensuring that fire or lumber wood is not stacked close to your home. 
  • Routinely inspecting your property and sealing any cracks.  
  • Regularly trim plants and trees in your yard. 
  • Ensuring that any soil on your property is not making contact with your home.  

Contact our team of experts at Aiken Pest Control for more tips to safeguard your home from the dangers of termites. 

Professional Termite Control For Aiken Homeowners 

Due to the severe damage that termites in your home can cause in just a short amount of time, you should immediately call for a professional pest control service at the first signs of termite activity. Luckily for homeowners in Aiken, there is Aiken Pest Control. We are a local termite removal and pest control specialist, and we’re here to help.

Aikens Pest Control has been serving communities across Aiken since 1967, and we commit to keeping homes and businesses throughout the city safe and pest-free. Our team of certified pest control technicians has training and experience in termite prevention and extermination, as well as the variety of other pests that invade homes across Aiken. If you are dealing with a termite problem, don’t wait until it gets worse. Call us today. We will work with you to create a customized pest control plan for your specific situation and guarantee satisfaction with our services.