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What Every Aiken Property Owner Needs To Know About House Mice

a house mouse on patio furniture

What you don’t know won’t kill you, but by ignoring these four-legged rodents, you may be putting your entire family at risk.

The house mouse is one of the most common pests to invade homes worldwide. They can be identified by their appearance; most house mice are three to four inches long with grey or brown fur and large ears.

The dangers posed by the common house mouse can be substantial. These creatures are capable of:

  • Spreading serious diseases such as hantavirus, leptospirosis, and salmonellosis.
  • Damaging property by chewing, defecating and gnawing on important structural features. 
  • Causing physical harm to humans and pets through bites and scratches.
  • Contaminating food and water sources.

Thanks to their prolific nature, a mouse problem in the home can never be attributed to just "one tiny mouse." Aiken homeowners facing a potential mouse problem must come to terms with the idea that many tiny rodents are rummaging about their pantries and cabinets.

Mouse Prevention Tips For Aiken Homeowners

You may not think you have or may get a mouse problem, but unless you check your Aiken home for problems, mice of all species may be scrambling to come inside. Get some helpful prevention tips for winter mice infestations before they occur:

  • Mitigate your moisture levels around the home. Desiccant bags, dehumidifiers, and other anti-water items are excellent in chronically moist spaces. 
  • Do not allow food sources to sit unattended on counters. Throw away all garbage immediately, and wash plates as soon as possible after eating. Raw food items should be stored in airtight plastic containers, and placed on a high shelf off the floor. 
  • Mice may chew through all sorts of household materials, including sheetrock, wood, plastic, cardboard, and even concrete. Seal up all potential entry points with substances the creatures cannot chew through, such as steel wool with caulking.

Mice can squeeze through gaps around the home that are as small as 1/4 an inch in diameter. For context, that’s the same size as an American dime! Not every homeowner will be able to catch their household entry points or seal them up effectively before an infestation occurs. For a complimentary home inspection that can’t be beaten, call the mouse eliminators at Aiken Pest Control at your earliest convenience.

Douse The Mouse  — Get Aiken Pest Control!

Mice are tiny pests that pose huge problems for homeowners all over the Aiken area. Not only are they capable of spreading diseases, causing physical damage to your home, and contaminating food items all over the home, but they are particularly frightening as well. Even dead mice pose dangers to your home through waste, carrion, and widespread progeny. The above prevention steps are enormously helpful for homeowners looking to halt an infestation before it begins, but they will do little to control a population once established. It will be important to act fast to protect the people, pets, and property that matter most to you.

At the end of the day, the safest and most effective way to remove a mouse infestation from the premises is with help from the professionals at Aiken Pest Control. Eliminating rodent nests in Aiken homes and businesses for more than 40 years, our team is the first line of defense between dangerous pest species and the homes they attack. We offer comprehensive, safe, and affordable protection plans that act as a barrier around your home and the ones you love.

For more information about the residential, commercial, and year-round pest control plans we offer, contact the mouse extermination professionals at Aiken Pest Control today. We are always ready to take your questions and concerns via phone, contact form, or visit. Get help fast with the problems that concern you most using the knowledgeable professionals at Aiken Pest Control!