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5 Things You Did Not Know About Clover Mites


Clover mites are one of the most common pests in and around Aiken, South Carolina. They are closely related to ticks, but thankfully they feed on and damage grass, plants, and landscapes instead of blood. Oftentimes, they gather in massive numbers, which can be intimidating. Clover mites aren't well suited for survival indoors, but with enough of them around it's quite likely you'll be dealing with them inside your house as well as outside. When they enter homes, it is usually through cracks and crevices in home walls, windows, and doors. Clover mites may become dormant beneath the bark of trees or the siding of a house and become more active in fall and early spring. The moderate seasonal temperatures and humid weather in South Carolina create the perfect conditions for mites to thrive. However, they are less active in the summer.

Here are 5 things you may not have known about clover mites:

  1. Clover mites are red and cause a red stain if squashed
  2. They are sun seekers and prefer sunny southern and eastern exposures
  3. The clover mite population in the United States is primarily female
  4. They are parthenogenetic reproducers that do not need male fertilization
  5. Female clover mites lay bright red eggs in the spring and fall

To prevent clover mites, you will want to contact a professional pest management company. However, removing all vegetation from immediately around your home's foundation, including weeds and grass, can be somewhat effective. After removal, you should place pea gravel in that area to discourage clover mites from entering your home. You should also seal up all holes and cracks in your foundation and exterior walls. Replace or repair damaged or missing screens, and be sure they are tight-fitting. Do not over-fertilize your lawn, plants, or landscaping since mites seem to thrive in well-fertilized areas. If you do end up with them inside your home, use a vacuum cleaner attachment or wet sponge to remove the mites from their hiding places. Be sure to avoid stains by not crushing the clover mites.

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