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5 Tips To Keep Fire Ants Off Your Lawn This Summer

fire ants up close on a leaf

If you have ever accidentally walked over or stood on a fire ant nest, you are well aware of the pain and trouble they can cause. In fact, those fire ant bites on your feet that made walking painful for a week won’t let you forget it. It also pushes you to stop at nothing to make sure fire ants are as far away from your property as possible, which is most likely why you are here. That being said, here are 5 tips you can use to keep your lawn fire ant-free this summer:

  1. Remove Sources Of Food: Fire ants are drawn to your property by sources of food they can use to feed their colony. This could be anything from fruit dropped off trees to forgotten scraps left outside after an outdoor gathering. Making sure to clean these items up will go a long way to keeping fire ants away.
  2. Eliminate Water Sources: Ants need water to live or at least moisture. Search around your property for any water buildup, potentially caused by an exterior leak from your home or items that have collected rainfall and eliminate as many of these sources as possible.
  3. Keep Your Lawn Well Maintenance: Fire ants prefer to remain hidden, and long grass can aid them in this. For this reason, we recommend mowing your grass regularly.
  4. Reduce Harborage: Ants often use shrubs and other plant life to avoid professionally applied pesticides. Keeping shrubs and plant life around your home properly trimmed will help.
  5. Get Help From A Professional: The only way to ensure your yard and home remain fully fire ant free is to have a professional come to your aid. Only they have the treatments and methods needed to get and keep fire ants off your property.

Why Choose Aiken For Your Ant Protection

When it comes down to which pest control company to choose, it’s a no-brainer. No one beats the quality fire ant treatments and service that Aiken provides. When you partner with us, you will not only have a fire ant-free home and lawn this summer, but you get professionals that will always put your needs first. Are you ready to find your freedom from painful pests? One of our service representatives would be happy to discuss our service plans and find one that works for you!

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