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How Worried Should I Be If I See Carpenter Ants On My Aiken Property?

a carpenter ant in a flower garden

Carpenter ants are different than a lot of other kinds of ants. Because they are black often like the common black ant, many people don’t know when they are looking at a carpenter ant. Carpenter ants are from ¼ to 3/8 inches long and are one-node ants. They are dark brown or black, although some are reddish or even yellow. 

Carpenter ants are so named because they excavate wood to form tunnels. Unlike termites, carpenter ants don’t eat the wood. They chew it up and use it for nest building. Carpenter ants aren’t particularly dangerous to people. They will rarely bite a human and they don’t have venom. Carpenter ants aren’t even known to carry and transmit diseases, so they aren’t dangerous from a health standpoint.

The real trouble with carpenter ants, as you may have already guessed, is that they can cause structural damage if they get inside your home. While carpenter ants like to dwell outside in moist areas where there is a lot of wood to work with, they can certainly get inside your home or business and are not shy about going to work. 

Carpenter ants like to nest in natural hollows like hollow-core doors and window sills. The damage they cause is not as extensive as termites, but over time, carpenter ants can begin to weaken the integrity of your home. Not only that, but a large number of carpenter ants running around your home is just not pleasant. They still need to go out looking for food, and if they are in your home, it’s your food they will be contaminating.

How Can I Keep Carpenter Ants Out Of My Aiken Home?

Remember, spotting one carpenter ant in your Aiken home doesn’t mean you have a problem, but you should certainly take note. If you suspect a carpenter ant problem, search for them around windows, sinks, doorframes, bath drains, and hollow areas. If you are storing any kind of wood in your home, such as firewood, look there.

Though a carpenter ant infestation may be hard to avoid, there are some steps you can take to minimize the chance of carpenter ants getting into your home:

  • Keep piles of wood away from home. Storing wood near your home can attract carpenter ants, and once they are next to your home, going inside is the next logical step for them.
  • Trim tree branches back if they overhang the house. These can act as a bridge for carpenter ants to make their way to your home.
  • Fix moisture problems. Leaking pipes or leaks in your roof can attract carpenter ants. Damp newspapers, cardboard, or any moist wood can attract them too.
  • Seal gaps in windows, under doors, and around the foundation of your home to help reduce the chance of getting carpenter ants in your home.
  • Using fine mesh screens on doors can help as well. 
  • Seal the foundation around your home and look for any other openings. Unfortunately, like all ants, carpenter ants are capable of getting into openings you may not see.

Look For Professional Help When You Suspect You Have A Carpenter Ant Problem

Do you think you have carpenter ants in your Aiken home? The pest control experts at Aiken Pest Control are ready to help you. We will inspect your home for carpenter ant activity and take the necessary measures to expel these insects. Furthermore, we will identify how they got into your home to prevent them from returning in the future. We offer excellent customer service, guaranteed results, and fast service. Give us a call today. We’re ready to help you control your carpenter ant problem.