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What Happens To Aiken Spiders In The Winter?

a house spider on a window

When cold weather comes, it may seem likely that pests cease activity, but that isn't always the case. When it comes to spiders and their winter activity, this species of eight-legged hunters won’t be stopped by a little chill!

Spiders are some of the most prevalent pests in the world. While some species will die or hunker down through the winter months, most are perfectly capable of functioning during the cold season. Spiders have their own "antifreeze" system, meaning that they are equipped to survive in freezing conditions with few repercussions. Most spider species found in Aiken are perfectly capable of surviving a winter outside your home. These pests do not need to come indoors for heat and are not attracted to warm shelter like other pests. Still, they pose a very real (and very creepy) threat to Aiken homeowners.

Most spiders find their way indoors by following pest prey populations. The most likely reasons a homeowner has spotted an abundance of spiders in the home include:

  • The spiders have already been in the home for some time.
  • The spiders have been hiding in the corners and voids of the home all along. 
  • The spiders have begun to mature, age, and breed into large populations.

The spiders in your home may not necessarily be dangerous, but they will be unsightly and unpleasant house guests that keep you on your toes all winter long.

Prevention Tips To Keep Aiken Spiders Out Of Your House

Spiders may not be as active during the winter, but they are still a very real presence in your home. The following list offers some prevention tips that work to keep spiders out of your Aiken home:

  • Seal up cracks and crevices as soon as they are spotted. Waterproof caulking and expanding sealant are always preferred. Should the damage be too extensive for a DIY repair, contact your local repairman for solutions. 
  • Make sure screens are intact, around both doors and windows. Repair or replace whatever damage you find. 
  • Address any other pest infestations that may be present. An increase in spider activity is often linked to a rise in pest populations within the home. The more available their food source becomes, the more spiders will be roaming the halls.

Could malicious pest prey species be reaching a population boom in your home? Reach out to the arachnid experts at Aiken Pest Control for your comprehensive, no-cost inspection today. 

Spider Problems Arising? Take Action — With Aiken Pest Control!

It may prove difficult to entirely remove spiders and their pest prey from a home. For one thing, spiders are nomadic hunters that follow prey wherever they roam. Additionally, these nimble arachnids are perfectly equipped to sneak, hide, and remain out of sight while on the prowl. Addressing pest prey concerns in the home may be even more difficult. Hidden populations of ants, cockroaches, and other insects may survive and thrive right under your nose. Unless immediate action is taken to inspect, treat, or prevent spider activity, you may be trapped with household spiders all winter long.

Kick spiders and their pest prey to the curb with the outstanding services of Aiken Pest Control today. Serving the Aiken community with passion, integrity, and innovation, our many years of professional pest services are perfect for infestations old and new.

For a complete list of spider services and home prevention tips, reach out to the Aiken office of Aiken Pest Control today. Service agents will be happy to take your information over the phone, through email, or in person at your local branch. Enjoy the Aiken difference in prevention, protection, and elimination by calling us right away.