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Frequently Asked Questions About Bed Bug Heat Treatments


When it comes to exterminating bed bugs, heat treatments are a relatively new approach. Since the return of bed bug infestations in the United States toward the end of the 1990's, an application of EPA-registered products has been the solution used by professionals. So, we still get quite a few questions about bed bug heat treatments. If you have questions, take a look and see if your question is listed below.

Are bed bug heat treatments safe?

Yes. When heat treatments are performed by a certified and experienced professional, heat treatments are not only safe, but they are environmentally responsible. Professionals use specialized equipment and methods that have been developed by experts. Heat treatments are only destructive when done improperly, by untrained individuals. These improper heat treatments have led to catastrophic property loss.

How long does it take for a heat treatment?

A heat treatment can be performed within one business day. That means you won't have to add a hotel stay on top of the cost of your treatment, like you would for a fumigation. And when the treatment is done, you can return to your home immediately.

Are heat treatments better than conventional treatments?

Each treatment method has its strengths. It depends on the infestation as to which methods will be suggested by a pest control professional. Sometimes it may even be appropriate to use EPA-approved products along with a heat treatment.

How effective is a heat treatment?

Very. What is great about a heat treatment is that heat radiates into the places where bed bugs hide. This gives heat an advantage over topical chemicals. In circumstances where bed bugs have retreated into wall voids, a heat treatment is like flicking a reset switch. One day you have bugs; the next day you don't. Heat is also the most effective solution for bed bugs that have built a resistance to chemicals. When DIY products have been used to attempt to arrest an infestation, bed bugs can adapt and develop a chemical-resistant skin. This can make conventional treatments less effective.

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