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How Does Mosquito Control Work?


The world is changing. There was a time when you could go camping and get a hundred mosquito bites without fear of getting sick with a dangerous pathogen. Those days are gone. The emergence of the Zika virus has U.S. health agencies on high alert. While West Nile, dengue, malaria, and other viruses can cause death, there is something particularly worrisome about a virus that can cause microcephaly in unborn children, and lead to a lifelong struggle for an entire family. That is why more and more people are investing in mosquito reduction services. But, does it work? Here's what you need to know.

 There is a common misconception that mosquito services only affect the mosquitoes in the yard that is being treated. This is not the case. While it is true that breeding sites, mosquito eggs, and adult mosquitoes are directly reduced through the application of control products, this reduction is hardly contained within one yard.

 It has been scientifically proven that dead mosquitoes don't lay eggs. We say this tongue-in-cheek, but it is true. If you have adult mosquitoes killed in your yard, they are not only going to stop laying eggs in your yard, they are not going to lay eggs in your neighbor's yard--or the yard of your neighbor's neighbor. One less mosquito in your neighborhood is one less mosquito laying eggs, no matter who kills it. This fact is often missed when folks consider getting mosquito abatement.

 It is also scientifically proven that eggs containing dead mosquitoes do not give birth to mosquitoes that lay more eggs. When you have a professional eliminate the mosquito eggs in your yard, those eggs will not hatch new mosquitoes. By doing this, you reduce the number of female mosquitoes that will bite you and your family, but also the number of mosquitoes that will lay eggs in your yard, your neighbor's yard, and so on. Mosquito reduction helps everyone--but first and foremost, it has an impact on your family.

 If you've never had mosquito service, how do you know if it works? Give it a shot and see what a difference it can make. Though success can vary for each of our customers, some customers see a dramatic change. Some are even amazed at the difference. You could be one of them.

 Are you ready to take your backyard back? Are you ready to take a bite out of the mosquito population in your neighborhood and community? Reach out to Aiken today and sign up for mosquito control service and see what a difference it makes for you.

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