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Keeping Bed Bugs From Ruining Your Aiken Holidays

an open suitcase on a hotel room floor

You’re counting on visiting with many beloved friends and family this holiday season, but what you might not expect is a surprise attack from these blood-sucking menaces. Bed bugs are traveling pests, meaning that they can catch a ride from person to person by grabbing onto bed sheets, clothing, suitcases, and other luggage items. These creatures are capable of breeding quickly, with females laying as many as 200-250 eggs in their lifetime. Infestations from one site can spread thousands of miles away thanks to bed bugs' hitchhiking tendencies.

Bed bugs aren't necessarily harmful to a person's health, but their itchy bites and messy behavior are undesirable at best. Chronic or severe infestations can cause anemia and allergic reactions if left unchecked. Infestations not properly treated will allow bed bugs to continue spreading throughout the holiday season.

Preventing Holiday Bed Bug Infestations

Since bed bugs hitch rides on whatever items become available to them, total prevention is near impossible. But preventative measures will help lower your chances of infestation:

  • Check your sleeping accommodations for signs of bed bug activity. Rust-colored spotting, exoskeleton piles, and a sweet or musky odor should alert you to a necessary change of rooms or venues.
  • Keep luggage, clothing, and other personal items off the floor by using luggage racks or bathtubs. The bed bug’s tiny legs don't have enough traction to pull them up the sides of the tub, protecting your baggage.
  • Packing clothing in large, sealable bags is a great way to ensure extra protection. Launder all dirty clothing immediately, using the highest heat settings possible.

When guests leave your home after an overnight visit, inspect their room’s mattress(es), outlets, rugs, and furniture for signs of bed bug activity. Should you notice anything out of the ordinary, call for a comprehensive home inspection immediately.

Aiken Pest Will Do The Rest

If a bed bug outbreak does occur in your Aiken, SC home, DIY and other home remedies will not likely be effective. Their fast-breeding capabilities coupled with hitchhiking behavior means that both you and your guests are in for an unexpected ‘gift’ if the issue is not resolved. Don’t allow bed bugs to ruin your special holiday season. Contact the friendly professionals at Aiken Pest Control immediately to protect your home during the winter travel season and beyond.

At Aiken, we pride ourselves on delivering fast and effective modern bed bug control treatments for families all around the South Carolina Midlands. If you’re ready to give yourself the gift of peace and pest protection, call Aiken Pest Control now.