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The Trick To Get Rid Of Crazy Ants Around Your Aiken Property

dozens of ants in a kitchen

Have you ever looked at a creature and wondered how it got its name? For instance, the spiny lumpsucker, or perhaps the chicken turtle? If you have never heard about these creatures, look them up sometime, they are fascinating. But that's beside the point. We aren’t here today to talk about turtles or lumpsuckers. We are here today to talk about crazy ants. If you have ever wondered how these invasive pests got their name, we are here to help you find out. Here is everything you need to know about crazy ants along with some tricks you can use to get rid of them from your Aiken property.

What Are Crazy Ants?

Crazy ants aren’t much different in appearance from other ants. They are typically dark brown to black and have a grey sheen. As for size, crazy ants are average and can grow to be anywhere from 1/16 to 1/8 of an inch in length. What truly sets crazy ants apart is how they move when frightened. Have you ever heard the phrase “dodge and weave”? This is a saying used to describe how you should run away from someone firing projectiles in your general direction. All of this is to say, someone must have taught crazy ants this saying because when they get frightened they run in jagged patterns like madmen. That's why they are called crazy ants.

Problems Associated With Crazy Ants

The good news is that crazy ants aren’t known for spreading any dangerous pathogens, bacteria, or parasites. They are, however, equipped with powerful mandibles capable of biting and piercing the skin. Fortunately, being bitten by a crazy ant is a rare occurrence. The only time they will bite is if they are interacted with or feel threatened.

One big problem associated with crazy ants is that they can damage electrical equipment. Crazy ants love getting into objects charged with electricity. Maybe this behavior is what scrambled their brain waves in the first place. All we know is that they are responsible for over 146 million dollars in electrical damage each year!

How Difficult Crazy Ants Are To Handle

As ants go, crazy ants are one of the more difficult species to eliminate. This is mainly because they can live both inside and outside. Even if you find a way to eliminate all of the colonies around your home, they could still be sheltering inside your walls where treatments cannot easily reach. If you know anything about ants, you know that no ant problem is solved unless all the ants have been eliminated.

Prevention Tips That Can Help With Crazy Ants

Keeping crazy ants out of your home is a whole lot easier than removing them after they have invaded. Here are some practical prevention tips you can use if your home is currently crazy ant-free:

  • Use a caulking gun or some liquid cement to seal up holes, gaps, and cracks in the exterior of your home’s foundation.
  • Patch up or replace broken window/door screens.
  • Make sure all of the weather stripping and door sweeps around your home are in good working order.
  • Keep your home clean and do your best to keep clutter down.
  • After each meal store leftover foods and beverages inside airtight containers.
  • Invest in garbage cans with tight-fitting lids if you have not already done so.

The Best Way To Eliminate Crazy Ants

If crazy ants are causing trouble in and around your home, the best thing you can do is get the professionals involved. Here at Aiken Pest, we get pests. We have been in business since 1967 and you can be certain when we are on the job, it will get done right!

Give us a call today and find out why we are your number-one choice for quality pest control.