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Don't Let Wildlife Run Amok On Your Aiken Property

a squirrel eating on a log

We've all seen a squirrel running up a tree and thought it looked cute. Some of us have even been lucky enough to see more majestic wildlife such as deer. But, while wildlife in Aiken is beautiful and essential, they aren't so great when they're living around your property. Many wildlife species pose significant risks to health and property, so it's wise to take the time to prevent them. 

Not all wildlife species in the area will make you sick or damage your yard, but some of them can. It's not worth the risk to have them around your home. Instead, learn how to get effective wildlife control from the professionals at Aiken Pest Control.

Nuisance Wildlife And The Risk Of Rabies

Wildlife can spread various illnesses, depending on the species, but probably the most well-known disease they carry is rabies. While not all individual animals have rabies, there is still some risk.

While wildlife usually isn't aggressive, this illness impacts their reactions to humans and other animals. The species most likely to have rabies are bats, skunks, raccoons, and foxes. And unfortunately, rabies makes them more likely to bite and act aggressively. So, if an animal with rabies does appear, you could be at risk. It's wise to vaccinate your pets against rabies as they are at risk of this illness.

But, keep in mind that wildlife like pest birds and squirrels can also spread other illnesses, including hantavirus and histoplasmosis.

Tips On Sealing Animal Entry Points 

Wildlife can damage your property, including siding, outbuildings, decks, and more. But, they are even more of a problem if they get inside your home. You can deter common wildlife from getting inside by taking a few steps to seal possible entry points.

Here is what you can do:

  • Seal holes in the walls and foundation with strong wire mesh and metal plating materials.
  • Place wire coverings on vent openings and chimney caps on chimneys.
  • Keep trees and other plants trimmed away from the exterior of your house.
  • Fix any cracks or weak spots around your attic or roof.

These steps will help keep these pests from getting into your home, but they won't do much good to remove current problems. If you currently have a wildlife infestation, it's often best to call an Aiken pest control expert.

When To Call A Professional 

While the occasional squirrel around your yard might not be a considerable threat, many wildlife species are. If you have issues with the wildlife on your property, it's critical to get professional help.

If you have any wildlife species living by your home, it's time to obtain professional assistance. You don't want to put yourself at risk of a bite with the nearness of these pests. If you've noticed any animals getting into your trash or acting aggressively, they may be rabid; call Aiken Pest Control experts to remove them.

Professional Nuisance Wildlife Control Services In Aiken

While wild animals are important and valuable, they should live apart from humans. If you're dealing with a wildlife issue, Aiken Pest Control can remove them and protect your property from further problems. We care about our animal neighbors; we use humane removal methods, including live trapping. We will safely remove these animals and place them back in their natural habitat.

Contact us today to learn more about wildlife control options for your property or request a quote from one of our technicians.