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Why You Need Year-Round Termite Control


If you live here in South Carolina, then you know that termites live here too, and that they can remain active throughout the entire year. You also know that they cause extensive damage to homes and businesses when they invade. What you may not know is that these pests are so elusive that they can infest your property without you even realizing it – which, by the way, is exactly how they can cause billions of dollars worth of damage each year across the country. Understanding the subtle signs that termites leave around a property when they invade may just save you from paying these expensive repair and replacement costs.

Identifying a subterranean termite infestation is not as easy as it sounds. The main termite colony is usually housed deep underground where they can reproduce, grow, and thrive without much threat. These termites require moisture to survive, so you will rarely see them above ground where sun and air can affect them. Typically, when you do see a termite, the winged reproductive members are the ones you will notice. The reproductive termite will resemble flying ants but will quickly drop their wings once they find their mate and begin a new colony. They can be found swarming on warm days, particularly after a rain. You will likely find them hovering around old, rotting stumps and other areas of moisture-damaged wood. Noticing this in your yard should be an automatic red flag.

The next signs to look for are usually found closer to home: those piles of discarded wings. You may not notice these out in your yard, but if you are observant you can find them on window sills and around doorways inside your home. While you are observant, periodically inspect your foundation for the mud tubes that termites create to travel from their nests underground to the tasty wooden beams inside your home. Beyond these indicators are the signs that you don't want to see: those that indicate that the damage has already occurred. These signs can include blistered, peeling, or hollow-sounding wood, sagging walls, buckling floors, and slumping porch columns. It's a frustrating fact that the signs termites leave can either be so subtle that they are easily missed or so drastic that repair and replacement costs soar. There is no middle ground with termites which is why a reliable termite monitoring and control system is the safest way to keep termites from infesting your home.

The termite specialists here at Aiken Pest Control are authorized operators of the industry-leading Sentricon® System with Always Active™ which is one of the most environmentally responsible, non-invasive ways to monitor for and eliminate termite colonies on your property. Sentricon® with Always Active™ utilizes discreet baiting stations that are equipped with bait that specifically targets the termite’s ability to absorb nutrition and reproduce while remaining innocuous to people, pets, and the environment. Beyond this, our year-round service will keep the termites, whose system of satellite colonies makes them a big risk for recurring infestation, from finding a way back into your buildings. Aiken Pest and Sentricon® with Always Active™ can stop termites before they get a foot-hold on your home, and keep them away from ever becoming a problem in the days to come. Give us a call today to see how Aiken Pest Control can help you avoid termites and the costly damages they cause.