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Benefits Of Moisture Control


If you've lived in South Carolina for any amount of time, you're used to humidity. The moisture in the air is a fact of life, and many don't even think about it for the most part. But as a homeowner moisture in the air, and more importantly, moisture in your home, is something to consider rather seriously. Simply put moisture matters, both for the life of your home itself and as a factor in the quality of life of anyone living inside. As a homeowner looking to the future, moisture controlĀ is something to consider in keeping both your house and its occupants healthy and happy for years to come.

Moisture control helps make sure conditions around your home don't negatively affect the quality of the air inside your home. Moisture control minimizes the effects of normally existing conditions such as high humidity, as well as sudden temperature changes, which can create unwanted condensation in areas that are not sealed well. The living spaces in most homes are fairly well insulated, and they are rarely the first place affected by moisture, but the small, enclosed, and less regularly accessed areas of the house, especially crawlspaces, can be neglected when it comes to considering the effects of moisture. With moisture control, you are ensuring that these spaces, and your whole house, enjoy the various benefits of drier air. Moisture control also addresses conditions in your home that may be adding undesired amounts of moisture into space, such as leaking pipes or condensation buildup.

The first consideration for homeowners when considering investing in moisture control is the life of the house itself. Moisture in the air will condense and settle wherever it happens to be during a temperature drop, and this is bad news for the wood that makes up a large part of homes these days. Wood, along with materials such as insulation, can be damaged by the effects of moisture over time, and even worse, it becomes a breeding ground for mold and mildew, which will cause decay in the wood and become a health risk for occupants of the house. Moisture is also an open invitation for other problems, it is usually a result of imperfectly sealed spaces and is an invitation for pests. Termites, spiders, cockroaches, and many other pests love moist spaces, and can easily spread from them through the whole house. Moisture control not only addresses the moist areas themselves but ensures that the cause of trapped moisture is addressed, which usually helps prevent other problems, such as the pests mentioned above.

Aiken Pest Control's moisture control program is centered around crawlspaces, far and away the most vulnerable part of your house when it comes to moisture. Our Crawlspace Encapsulation Solution is designed to provide you with a neat, moisture-resistant space that will not contribute to decay, bad smells, or pest problems. We look for sources of moisture, clean out unwanted debris, and close off the space to moisture, including removing existing mold or mildew on wood surfaces and treating all subsurface wood structures. Our moisture control program will ensure that your most vulnerable spaces are ready to stand the test of time and will prevent moist wood from becoming an invitation to termites or a breeding ground for mold. Aiken Pest Control understands that pests are often just a symptom of another property problem, and with our moisture control program, we go straight to the source of many of those problems, giving you the best chance at a healthy, hassle-free home that will remain sturdy for years to come.