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What North Augusta Home & Business Owners Need To Know About Pest Pigeons

two pigeons sitting next to each other

Some birds are pleasant to have on your North Augusta property. They eat problematic insects, and their singing can provide a relaxing environment. However, some birds are nuisances, causing damage to properties.

Pigeons are among the most troublesome birds around homes or businesses. We'll provide more about these pests in this post and discuss how North Augusta pest control professionals can keep them away.

Why Pigeons Can Be A Messy Pest To Have

Despite a reputation for being dirty, pigeons are among the cleanest animals on your property. Unfortunately, most people consider them pests because they can make a mess when they fly over or land on properties.

The problem with pigeons is their feces, which they spread without concern. Their droppings are highly acidic, eroding metal, stone, and burning lawns. Additionally, they can spread pathogens when they leave droppings around properties, making people sick.

You might want to clean pigeon droppings off your car or building to avoid damage, but this can be troublesome. If you're not wearing protective equipment, you can breathe in dust from the waste, potentially making you sick. For this reason, having bird control services remove or clean up after pigeons is the safest option.

How To Prevent Pigeons Around Your North Augusta Property

Depending on the conditions, pigeon droppings can begin causing problems quickly after arriving on your property. You might not even realize a pigeon has left their waste on your home, car, or other objects until it's started to erode material or spread pathogens to people. For this reason, it's best to avoid pigeons around your home or business.

Since pigeons can fly, you might think there isn't much you can do to control pigeons. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to prevent these birds from landing on your property. Some tips to keep pigeons away include:

  • Fill space on flat surfaces
  • Keep food and water out of reach
  • Dispose of garbage properly and regularly

While these tips won't stop pigeons from flying above and potentially causing problems, they'll stop landing and building nests. You can receive additional help by calling bird control experts near you.

Mistakes Home & Business Owners Make To Attract Pigeons & Other Birds

There are ways to keep pigeons from landing on your property, but some home and business owners accidentally attract these pests. Many people know these creatures are problematic to have around, but they don't know what attracts them. As a result, they invite these pests to cause various problems.

In addition to knowing how to avoid pigeons, you should know how to keep from attracting them to your home or business. Some common mistakes people make that attract pigeons to North Augusta properties include:

  • Leave garbage in the open
  • Provide water sources
  • Make food available

Even if you make it hard for these creatures to build nests, providing food and water will cause them to keep returning because they'll know they can find these necessities. If you want to perform commercial or residential pigeon control, avoiding these mistakes is a good start.

Why Professional Pigeon Control Is Worth It

Attempting to remove pigeons without help can be dangerous and ineffective. You might get them to leave for a while, but they'll return if attractants remain. The best option is to call pigeon control professionals to handle the job. 

Our team at Aiken Pest Control uses the best bird control methods to remove pigeons, reduce attractants, and clean their droppings to avoid damage and illnesses. Give us a call to learn more about our pigeon control services.