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Why Call Aiken If Fire Ants Have Invaded Your Lawn This Summer

fire ants in the grass on a lawn

Red imported fire ants have a knack for appearing at the worst times. You may have encountered them while half-way through a picnic in the park or your child might have been stung in the middle of a sports game. Maybe you've stepped on an ant hill while mowing your lawn. No matter where you've encountered fire ants, you probably know how painful their stings can be.

Fire Ants In Summer

The warm weather of summer makes fire ants spread more quickly. Their colonies multiply rapidly and can even separate to create more than one. During the warmer weather, fire ants are also more active as they emerge to search for food. They are aggressive, especially if you are too near the nest and they feel threatened. They are immensely territorial, so if you step into ‘their territory,' they will attack. In South Carolina, fire ants are common and can ruin any outdoor event.

Preventing Fire Ants

You can control some insects with handy do-it-yourself strategies. Fire ants, however, are hard to manage on your own. There's no way to guarantee that a colony of fire ants won't make their home in your yard. They can spread quickly before you even notice you have a problem. Once you have a colony of fire ants, any outdoor activity can become a hassle.

Attempting to eliminate fire ants on your own will likely result in budding. Budding is when a colony of ants divides into two to protect themselves from attack. Suddenly you'll have two ant colonies on your hands. The chemicals for do-it-yourself elimination can also be dangerous, and the ones that work are difficult to find.

It's much safer to let licensed professionals step in to take care of fire ants for you. Professional pest control technicians know how to correctly identify the species of ant to properly treat it. A pest control company is more equipped to eliminate ants and has the equipment to make the process safe, environmentally friendly, and efficient.

Aiken Pest Control For Fire Ants

Aiken Pest Control offers a free inspection for fire ants. They will assess the damage and work with you to create the best pest control treatment plan for your situation and property. Also, Aiken can do a one-time treatment to help you prepare for a big event or provide year-round ant control. With our year-round program, we do two service visits a year to protect against a fire ant invasion.

Call Aiken Pest Control today for more information about treatments or to set up an inspection. Take back your lawn from fire ants—summer should be pain-free!