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Keeping Your Home Bed Bug-Free In Fall

a bed bug biting skin

Bed bugs thrive here in the fall due to the ideal climate and weather conditions in the South Carolina area. The weather is still warm and relatively conducive for people to continue to travel frequently. Combine those two things and you get an increased probability of encountering these pests. This means a higher chance you can pick them up in just about any public place. This includes hotels, motels, inns, libraries, theaters, and all forms of public transportation, stations, and depots.

To avoid a bed bug, or two, or a whole bunch, hitching a ride on you, here are some things you can do:

  • Be prepared
  • Inspect places when you get there
  • Inspect your clothing and belongings before you leave
  • Inspect items before bringing them back into your home
  • Wash and dry all your clothes and other washables in the hottest temperatures upon arriving at home

So, how do you prepare? It doesn’t matter if you are going to work, or to school, or any other place. Be diligent and keep your belongings to a minimum. If you are traveling, you will want to pack your bags a little differently. Start by putting all of your clothing in large ziplock bags inside your suitcase. Bring along a few extra bags to use for dirty laundry. The idea is simple, keep your belongings off the floor and the bed, and keep your clothing inside the bags.

How do you do an inspection? What do you look for and where? Whenever you use public transportation, take a look at the headrest and seat for any live bed bugs, before sitting down. And this goes for libraries and theaters as well. Pick a different place to sit if you find any evidence of bed bug activity. Do a quick check of your clothing, shoes, and belongings afterward as well. In places where you will be sleeping, keep your luggage off the ground and look for live bugs, dead bugs, feces, and tiny maroon dots on bedding, mattress covers, and pillows. Look around the bed, headboard, mattress creases, wall sockets, furniture, and behind wall hangings. If you find evidence of bed bugs, ask for a new room.

What should you do when you get ready to leave and when you get home? Do a thorough check of your clothing, shoes, and belongings. Remove any live bugs or eggs (if you are lucky enough to see them). When you arrive back home, empty your luggage outdoors, check and clean the luggage and then wash all of your clothing in hot water and dry on high heat if possible.

If you do end up with a bed bug infestation in your home, you may find out that many DIY efforts usually fail.

Consequently, the best bet for complete bed bug elimination and control is by partnering with a professional pest control company such as Aiken Pest Control in the Central Savannah River Area and the Midlands of South Carolina. Give our experts a call today for more information about our bed bug control options.