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How To Keep Raccoons Out Of Your South Carolina Home In Winter

raccoons peeking over a house roof

Raccoons are troublesome, nuisance animals that can wreak havoc on your South Carolina home and property. At first glance, they may seem harmless, or even cute, with their little eye masks. However, raccoons can carry harmful diseases, including rabies. You’ll want to take steps to avoid attracting raccoons to your property. If you have raccoons that are causing trouble on your property, or worse yet, one that’s gotten inside your home, you’ll need the help of a pest control professional.

Things That Attract Raccoons

The one thing raccoons are looking for most on your property is food. You may think that if you are not outside feeding them directly, you are safe from a potential invasion. Raccoons are scavengers, though, and will find unlikely food sources. Your trash is number one. Pet food kept outdoors for your dog or cat is another. Additionally, raccoons will seek out bird feeders, compost piles, and even garden waste as their food source.

Prevention Steps You Can Take

The number one thing you can do to keep raccoons away is to eliminate their food source. Here are some steps you can take that may help:

  • Get tight-fitting lids for any outdoor trash or recycling bins. If your lid won’t stay on or is easy to open, consider using bungee cords to secure it.
  • Only leave pet food out when your pet is eating and promptly remove any leftovers. Also, keep an eye on your pets while they are eating because raccoons have been known to come right up and enjoy the meal alongside them.
  • If you use bird feeders, take them in at night or get free-standing ones with raccoon guards rather than hanging them from trees.
  • Don’t leave overripe or rotting produce in your garden over winter. When the growing season is over, remove any unharvested fruits and veggies.

Call Aiken For Active Wildlife Problems

There are humane ways to remove nuisance wildlife correctly from homes. The technicians at Aiken Pest Control are trained to inspect, remove, relocate, and repair damage caused by raccoons. We will first inspect your property to identify the problem. We’ll note areas of concern and work with you to figure out what is causing your raccoon issue. We can then use traps to safely catch and remove the raccoons.

Because raccoons can carry rabies and other potentially harmful illnesses, it's never a good idea to try to catch them yourself. After the raccoons or raccoons are removed, we can safely and effectively complete clean up, removing feces and protecting your family from further contamination. Call us today if you have a raccoon problem in or around your South Carolina home.