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What Summer House Spider Infestations Could Mean To Residents

house spider crawling in a bathroom

Your home will inevitably be plagued with one type of spider or another during the summer, but how many spiders you experience will depend on several variables. To be able to take care of spider problems before they get out of hand, you will also want to be aware of all of the warning signs of an invasion.

In the early, and sometimes late, summer, house spiders will seek out dark and secluded places in both your home and yard. One sign of these spiders invading your home or property is their webs. These webs will tend to show up in the corners of rooms throughout your home. Some other types of spiders will remain hidden inside burrows or cracks and crevices. Spiders are usually attracted to moist environments, especially basements and sheds, but you can also find them seeking refuge in attics, closets, storage areas, and even under furniture!

Oftentimes, the appearance of spiders in your home is due to an infestation of other pests like cockroaches or flies that they like to feed on. The more insects inside your home, the more attractive it will be to spiders - as they go hand in hand. Other pests may also create conditions to allow spiders to gain access to your home. When rodents chew their way into your home, they leave perfect entry points for spiders to use to crawl into your home. Similarly, carpenter ants and other destructive pests can create passageways into your home for spiders to enter your home as well. Then you’re not just dealing with one pest problem, you’re dealing with multiple different pests invading your home!

Your home is the perfect place for house spiders to live as it supplies them with the three basic things they need to survive: food, water, and shelter. Luckily, house spiders are not a threat to humans, but are primarily a nuisance. Let’s face it, spiders are an unsettling presence inside your home, leave unsightly webs hanging all over the place, and have no place inside your home. Recently we gave you a closer look at these spiders.

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