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What To Do If Springtails Have Made Their Way Into Your Aiken Home

springtail on a leaf

Springtails are occasional pests, and most are only active in warm weather. However, one species might appear in the snow, making them unique to other creatures around Aiken's homes. Many pests threaten your house or health, but springtails are only a nuisance.

Despite not causing a threat, you still might want these pests out of your home. In this case, we have the information you need to identify and remove these arthropods. In this post, you'll learn more about springtails and how Aiken pest control professionals can get them off your property.

What Are Springtails?

Springtails are tiny arthropods that can survive in any climate, enabling them to live anywhere. While most of these creatures aren't active during the winter, one species moves on top of the snow. They're called "snow fleas" for their tendency to jump around like fleas, though they're a different species. They prefer to live in moist conditions, so some places they live include:

  • Wet soil
  • Rotting logs
  • Compost
  • Fungi
  • Under bark

Springtails usually measure around 1/16 of an inch in length and are black, making them difficult to find and remove from homes. Springtail bugs in your Aiken house might appear in your swimming pool or on snow, appearing like little black specks. While they don't threaten structures or people, their presence can indicate a moisture problem in your house.

When Do Springtails Become Active Around Aiken?

While springtails can withstand almost any environment, they're most active in moist conditions because they need water to survive. Except for snow fleas, springtails are inactive during winter months around Aiken. They usually become active again when the snow melts, providing the moist conditions they desire.

In most cases, you'll find these pests feeding outside, but only if the ground is damp. If it becomes too dry, they might enter buildings to find moisture. Springtail infestations in Aiken are most common in kitchens and bathrooms, the rooms most likely to provide water. Their presence in other parts of your house could indicate a leak or other moisture issues.

What To Do If Springtails Have Gotten Into Your Home

While springtails in Aiken aren't a threat to your safety, you still might not want them in your house. As mentioned, they usually enter buildings when it's too dry outside. You can keep these pests out of your home by eliminating moisture and entry points. Some tips to keep springtails out of your Aiken home include:

  • Fix leaks
  • Clean up spills
  • Caulk cracks
  • Avoid overwatering plants

The tiny sizes of these creatures make them difficult to spot and remove, so the best way to get rid of springtails in Aiken is to call professionals for help. In addition to removing them, professionals can resolve your moisture issues to keep springtails from returning. These repairs can also avoid other problems in your home, like mold or mildew growth.

Why To Call The Professionals For Springtails

Rather than being a problem themselves, springtails in your house are problematic because of what they indicate. Since they're attracted to moisture, their presence indoors is a sign that you have a moisture problem in your home. In addition to kitchens or bathrooms, you can find these intruders in basements, attics, and crawl spaces.

At Aiken Pest Control, our springtail control experts can remove springtails from your home and repair your moisture issues. After controlling the nuisances in your house, our moisture control experts can eliminate moisture and repair damage or health threats caused by it. Call us today to discover how we'll remove springtails from your Aiken home.