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Are Termites The Only Wood-Destroying Insect To Worry About In South Carolina?

carpenter ant crawling on a wooden table

Did you know that wood-destroying pests have a king? It is the termite. At least in the sense of destructive nature and popularity. However, there are quite a few contenders to the termite’s throne. The carpenter ant, the old house borer, and the powder post beetle, each with their own unique set of “skills," skills that could result in the destruction of your castle from the inside out.

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants are small wood-destroying pests with colored bodies varying from black to red or sometimes a combination of both. Carpenter ants can be found most commonly burrowing through damp or water-damaged wood. They do this to construct their nests. Unlike their rival, the termite, carpenter ants do not eat the wood they destroy but instead make galleries within it for shelter.

Old House Borers

Old house borers are small pests with black to grey bodies and are a mere ½” to ¾” in length. Fine gray hairs can be found on their thorax with two shiny raised areas on each of their sides. A line of gray hairs is visible on their wing covers. Much like termites, old house borers do feed on the wood they infest. Unlike termites, however, who lay their eggs deep inside their nests, old house borers lay their eggs in cracks and crevices around your property, inside wood. These eggs then hatch into larvae--larvae with an insatiable hunger for wood.

Powder Post Beetles

Powder post beetles are thin pests, with reddish-brown to black colored bodies. These pests are known for being unknown. Finding where they entered into the wood of your home is like finding a needle in a haystack since the holes they leave behind can be as small as 1/16” wide. Along with this, they can turn wood into a powder as fine as flour.

Why The Cold May Hurt More Than Help

We often do not give wood-destroying bugs enough credit for the potential threat they are. We often think they will just stay out in nature where there is plenty of wood to satisfy their needs. This is not always true. As the weather cools, wood will no longer be the only thing these pests require. Warmth becomes a new factor. This cold purge more often than not pushes wood-destroying pests straight to our homes.

Down With Pests & Their Kingdoms

It does not matter if it’s a king or a runner-up. Here at Aiken Pest Control, you and your castle come first. With highly qualified pest technicians and an arsenal of pest-removal tools, we will fight for you. For more information on how we will help you take back your kingdom from uninvited intruders, or to learn more about our residential pest control options, give us a call.