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How Much Do You Really Know About Oriental Cockroaches In Aiken?

an oriental cockroach on a rock

Sometimes in life, we only worry about the things that we can see right in front of us. So when we see one Oriental cockroach in the house, we rarely think about the hundreds of others that could be hiding within the walls. However, the more you learn about Oriental cockroaches, the more you’ll realize how worried you should be when you see one.

Hazardous Health Conditions

The Oriental cockroach is one of the most common home-invading pests in the Southeast. Easily recognized by its dark brown color and hard outer shell (which gives it an armor-plated look), these roaches also feature two sets of wings. However, they are not able to fly. When disturbed, they’ll emit a nasty odor, but they’ll bring a lot more into your Aiken home than just a bad smell.

Roaches love to spend the majority of their lives in landfills and sewers, anywhere they can search for scraps of food and waste. While they’re living in these habitats, though, they pick up all sorts of contaminants that they can spread throughout your home. When this dangerous bacteria gets on your food preparation surfaces, causing you to accidentally ingest it, you could be at risk of dangerous diseases like salmonella, E.coli, and worse.

Along with spreading bacteria, they also transmit dangerous pathogens as they move around. This not only causes your walls to yellow in the event of a robust infestation, but it can also cause severe allergic reactions, asthma attacks, and other respiratory issues. The longer an infestation lasts, the higher your risk of becoming sick.

With severe health issues on the line, it’s important to recognize the signs of an infestation early. Since Oriental cockroaches are nocturnal and want to avoid human interaction at all costs, seeing one or two is a pretty good sign of a larger infestation. They are more active at night, so seeing one during the day should make some alarm bells go off in your head.

Proper Prevention Techniques

Many homeowners either don’t worry enough about keeping Oriental cockroaches out, or they don’t go about it the right way. The outer shell of the Oriental cockroach not only looks like an armored coating, but it is quite formidable and flexible. They can usually flatten themselves down enough to squeeze through small cracks and crevices around your property, so keeping them out can be very difficult.

Fortunately, though, there are some ways you can reduce their urge to invade your home in the first place. Roaches love damp, dark environments, so you can start by addressing moisture issues around your property. Our Aiken homes can get very humid, so using a dehumidifier in your crawl spaces can reduce moisture buildup that attracts roaches. You’ll also want to monitor your pipes for leaks and keep the lawn mowed regularly to avoid any uneven moisture buildup.

Along with moisture, Oriental cockroaches are also highly attracted to scraps of food and crumbs. These pests have mastered the art of surviving in harsh conditions, so they can survive on just a few crumbs a day at the most. If they think your home will provide a consistent source of food, they’ll find any way possible to make their way inside.

Limiting roaches’ food sources comes down to careful food and trash storage along with regular cleaning habits. If you don’t put your food away promptly, these leftovers, or even food left in the sink overnight can attract an infestation quickly. You need to make sure your food and trash are stored in secure containers that Oriental cockroaches won’t be able to squeeze through, and you’ll also need to commit to cleaning your home regularly (including the often-neglected places like behind kitchen appliances where roaches frequent).

How Do I keep Oriental Cockroaches Out 

Now, these methods may improve your chances of avoiding an infestation, but there will always be a chance of trouble when you try DIY (do it yourself) to control pests on your own. The best form of prevention and eradication is to enlist professional pest control services. Contact Aiken Pest Control at the first sign of Oriental cockroaches to keep your family safe from severe health risks. We can provide proven and effective treatments that will keep your home cockroach-free. Call us at Aiken Pest Control today!