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How To Keep Small Red Clover Mites Out Over The Summer

a tiny clover mite on a brown leaf

During summer, there are a few certainties you can count on. The weather will be warm, vacation days will be fun, and insects will be all over the place. Insect pests are capable of dampening the fun of summer activities, however, one pest that seems to stump homeowners is clover mites. These tiny red plant feeders often invade homes by the thousands during spring, summer, and fall, which can lead to annoyance for South Carolina residents. While many people refer to clover mites as “tiny red bugs” they are not insects at all. With eight legs and no antenna, these “bugs” are related to ticks and spiders.

Why Do Clover Mites Invade During Summer?

Clover mites are not pests that invade to steal food, find shelter, or seek sources of high moisture. These tiny red arachnids don’t bite humans and are not known to cause any health problems. So why do clover mites invade if they aren’t searching for anything? Clover mites are often attracted to the sunny side of buildings where they can rest and bask in the warmth. Unfortunately, they have the bad habit of crawling into minuscule cracks and crevices—which can often lead inside. Once inside, these tiny pests can damage wallpaper, furniture, and clothing by leaving red stains behind when squished. These stains are difficult to remove and may become a major issue if a large number of clover mites have invaded.

How To Keep Clover Mites Out

As with many other pests, clover mites can be deterred when you are aware of the things that attract them to your property. Keep clover mites from invading your home and staining your furniture with a few of these simple clover mite prevention tips:

  • Install door sweeps on all exterior doors.
  • Place weather stripping around all your windows.
  • Replace window screens that have holes or rips.
  • Try to replace mulch directly next to the exterior walls of your home with a dryer material, such as pea gravel or crushed rock.
  • Seal crevices in your foundation and exterior walls to avoid providing clover mites with easy access to your home.
  • Remove tall grass, thick foliage, and weeds from the area surrounding your home. Try to keep at least 2 feet between your home and any vegetation.

Here at Aiken Pest Control, we believe in a job done right. If you’re dealing with the stress of clover mites in your home, let our certified team of pest control experts lead the way to a pest-free future. Reach out to Aiken today for comprehensive pest control solutions!