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Keep Pigeons At Bay: Expert Strategies For Effective Pigeon Prevention And Control In Aiken

pigeon on fence

Pigeon pest control in Aiken is more important than you might think, and we’re about to explain why that is. 

Whether you own a business or just want to keep your home safe, pigeons are bad news. Like other types of pests, pigeons find strength in numbers, and you’ll almost always see pigeons in large groups. 

This article will cover pigeon identification, the consequences of having large numbers of pigeons nearby, how to prevent pigeons, and the value of professional pigeon control. Thanks for joining us.

Pigeon Behavior And Traits: Key Indicators For Identification

Of course, to determine whether you need pest control for pigeons, you’ll need to confirm that pigeons are the problem and not some other type of bird. 

While most folks can identify a pigeon by sight, it’s still worth reiterating some of their key features and behaviors. In terms of color, pigeons are almost always gray or gray-blue. They also tend to have colorful feathers around their necks. 

It’s fairly easy to confuse pigeons and doves, but doves are notably smaller than pigeons and have varied coloring.

Pigeon behavior is defined by staying in groups and avoiding humans only when necessary. In other words, you can come quite close to a pigeon before it finally moves away, especially if it’s found a food source. 

Understanding The Pigeon Problem: Causes And Consequences

At a surface level, pigeons in Aiken may seem harmless. But actually, a pigeon's presence can lead to problems, specifically health risks. 

First, what attracts pigeons to certain areas? Food is the biggest attractant, but it’s far from the only one. Pigeons look for flat surfaces where they can make their nests, and they also look for roofs or other structures that can shelter them from the weather. And while pigeons don’t typically attack humans, they can still cause problems with their presence. 

Pigeon droppings, specifically, can spread germs that lead to dangerous diseases. There’s even a risk of inhaling dust when clearing dried pigeon droppings. Respiratory protection should be worn when cleaning up after pigeons.  

Pigeon control in Aiken is essential for preventing these issues and keeping your property safe. 

Create A Pigeon-Proof Environment: Strategies For Effective Prevention

A major component of non-lethal pigeon control is prevention. To that end, we’ve gathered a short list of effective strategies for keeping pigeons away from your property now and in the long term. Turn these strategies into habits for the best chance of maintaining a pigeon-free property:  

  • Remove all sources of standing water, especially after rainfall. 
  • Remove all sources of food, especially grains. 
  • Use reflective surfaces like CDs to repel pigeons from specific areas. 
  • Use bird netting in common nesting areas.
  • Use citronella candles to discourage pigeons from resting nearby. 

If you would like personalized pigeon prevention strategies for your property, we recommend speaking with a pest control service in your area.  

The Importance of Professional Pigeon Control: Benefits And Solutions

Professional home pest control in Aiken can provide the best possible control solutions for pigeons. The prevention strategies mentioned above are great for discouraging a new influx of pigeons, but if there’s already an established pigeon population near your property, it can be challenging to get them to leave with DIY efforts alone. 

If you’re ready to send the birds packing, we recommend reaching out to a reliable pest control service in your area. You can also ask questions about how they accomplish pigeon control and additional information on keeping pigeons away in the future. 

For pigeon control near you, get in touch with us here at Aiken Pest Control today